Is Maribel Guardia censored on Instagram for appearing natural?

One of the renowned queens of Jaripeo is Maribel guard that thanks to his talent and exquisite figure he is not only very popular in the palenques but also in social networks, due to the fact that he tends to upload photographs that are sometimes a little risque, such as ones in which he appears completely natural, with them he was narrowly on the verge of censorship in Instagram for appearing without any garment.

Known for her beauty and especially her statuesque figure Maribel Guardia, on more than one occasion it is sure that she has been captivated by her complete beauty.

In each of the publications where she appears, whether showing her shapely and enviable legs, tight clothes or her captivating swimsuits, Joan Sebastian's ex-wife always finds a way to drive those who look at her publications crazy.

She currently has six million one hundred thousand followers on her official Instagram account, which surely continue to rise, it is inevitable not to start following her once you are hypnotized with her personality and especially her divine and popular figure.

Maribel guard celebrated a long time ago that he reached five million followers in his Instagram App with two photographs on May 16 of this year, where through two images he managed to impress more than one of his fans, being very close to the censorship of the application because he was not wearing clothes.

Although the evident lack of clothing would cause immediate censorship by Instagram due to the regulation that everyone accepts when creating their account, Maribel guard He did not completely trust himself and managed to "get around" a possible cancellation of his publication with which he ended up liking his fans, collaborators and perhaps friends more.

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The interpreter of "You and I" decided to use some applications in her figure similar to "mirrors", she put them in some strategic parts of the body so she ended up covering her privacy, although it was evident that she was completely natural, seeing her like this was really impressive, also wearing a kind of crown made of the same material.


We are already a family of 5 MILLION. # quédateencasa #THANK YOU I adore you ", part of his description.

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In the second image, she appears in front of a pool. It was an excellent scenography because the "outfit" she was wearing looked more, in this second snapshot she decided to wear less "Pieces", so her figure was more exposed, in a very flirtatious way. is biting one of the fingers of his hands, this perhaps raised the temperature of his fans.

You do not know how much it causes me to live an experience with a woman who looks as good as you. I admire very much the quality of lady that she is, "a message from one of her fans.

As you will remember at the beginning of the year a pandemic began that the date continues in force, perhaps it will become one of the longest in history, if we continue without following the health measures imposed by the health authorities we will not end anything well, for that very reason Maribel guard Like other celebrities, they have constantly invited their followers to stay safe at home and try to go out as little as possible, only when necessary.

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Today Maribel Guardia takes great care of her publications, although she always finds a way to surprise us with her flirtatiousness and she will surely continue to do so for a long time, we are eager to see what she has to show, not only on social networks but in her daily life and as an artist above all.

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