“It is intended as the end of a journey”

Already recently, James Gunn had intervened via Twitter in response to a fan to confirm that the expected Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3it should be the last film in the saga he directed“, and now he has intervened again via social media to reiterate this, explaining how the chapter is thought of as the last of a journey.

This is his answer to the question “Would you make a fourth Guardians if you had the chance?”:

I? Never say never, but I see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as the end of the Guardians story that I started with the first chapter“.

With regard to the video announcement of the release date of the film, after having revealed the setting of the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas special, therefore, Marvel is ready to get back to getting serious with Peter Quill and associates: in a video released in these minutes, in fact, were disclosed the release date and the official logo of the new film by James Gunn.

As for the latter, the choice would seem to have been to deviate slightly from the logos of the first two films of what is, to date, one of the most successful and loved superhero sagas of all time. The release date instead speaks of a Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 ready to land in the room during the May 2023, with the day still to be specified.

In short, we will have to wait another two years before returning around the galaxy with Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Drax, Mantis and Rocket: we are sure, however, that the result will abundantly repay the wait. Recently, meanwhile, James Gunn has returned to talk about his dismissal from Marvel.

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