It was already born! Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca are already parents


The new member of the Vacchi Fonseca family has arrived the millionaire Gianluca Vacchi He shared the news through his social networks expressing his emotion and adoration for his little girl.

For a few months, he shared the news on his social networks where, through an emotional message that ended in some tears rolling down his cheeks, he expressed the love he felt for Sharon Fonseca and the emotion he had to express that they were waiting together for her first baby.

As the months go by, we see Sharon Fonseca's pregnancy enjoy just like Gianluca Vacchi, who at all times made her feel good, extremely happy and above all loved, the Italian in a short time became a celebrity on social networks.

The Italian businessman, whenever he had the opportunity, published videos accompanied by his partner Sharon Fonseca, It is already known that he loves to attract the attention of his fans by showing his extravagant lifestyle.

The Italian businessman and millionaire is currently 53 years old, originally from Bologna Italy, and has characterized himself for having a fairly relaxed lifestyle and showing off his exuberant wealth and wholesale luxuries without any pain.

The name of his little daughter is Blu Jerusalema Vacchi, 11 hours have passed since he shared the tender image of him, Sharon and their little girl, Photography of which he already has around 3 million red hearts, the Italian millionaire shared a message in both English and Spanish, where he was extremely happy to share with his fans that his daughter had been born quite healthy and that both he and that Sharon were happy to have her in her arms.

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Apparently a wave of births among celebrities is what has left this pandemic caused by the coronavirus, because GIanluca Vacchi He is not the only millionaire who has had children, among the list is singers and actors among them we find the following couples Katy Perry and Orlando Blomm, GiGi Hadid and Zayn Malik, finally there are also the actress and singer Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas.

Another characteristic of recent births is that apparently parents avoid at all costs that the face of the small or small in their case appears in the photograph, this causes greater incognito and mysticism for the birth of their baby.

There is no doubt that despite the pandemic caused by Covid-9, it has also brought great blessings, and not only misfortunes throughout this 2020, as many of us had thought.

In the publication of Gianluca Vacchi we find several comments from other celebrities congratulating the couple.

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Sharon Fonseca decided to share the same image as her partner, she also wrote a message in both English and Spanish, this was just as sweet as Gianluca Vacchi's and she also received hundreds of comments from her family, friends and fans who congratulated her for the new era that began in his life and is perhaps one of the most beautiful.

Our daughter is already with us and she cannot explain this experience and all the emotions we are feeling.

We are grateful and blessed welcome to the world of Blu Jerusalema Vacchi. We love you more than our lives, "wrote the Venezuelan model.

Surely both will become devoted and above all loving parents, as we have seen throughout these months on their social networks especially for Gianluca who was the most excited with the news of your firstborn, we observed this when he found out that he would have to a little princess, obviously he did it in the most ostentatious way possible, they used a plane that threw pink powder as it flew.

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