"It was brutal": Michael Jordan's son remembered the only time they trained with his father in

Jeffrey (left) and Marcus when they shared college team in Florida
Jeffrey (left) and Marcus when they shared college team in Florida

Jeffrey and Marcus are the oldest children of Michael Jordan. The two who lived from the inside the benefits of their father's moment of greatest sports expansion and also those who suffered the strongest tails of fame. They both played college basketball and had statistics that forced them to follow them closely, however they chose not to continue with that bet and redirected their lives towards a business side.

The effervescence for the career of MJ that generated the documentary The Last Dance that aired over the past few weeks put the whole family back on the scene, but especially the two of them, who were children in the inner world of that successful era of Chicago Bulls. Jeffrey, the eldest, gave a note to the newspaper Chicago Tribune where he spoke about different topics and revealed an incredible anecdote: the only time they trained with their father on the private court they had at the Highland Park mansion.

Journalist Teddy Greenstein asked the 31-year-old man if his father had trained them extensively, to which he replied in the negative but brought up an interesting anecdote: “No, not at all. He was busy. Traveling a lot, obviously. We were blessed and fortunate to have a place to play in our home (on the roofed court of the mansion). That was our heaven. Marcus and I worked with my dad once. I was 17 or 18 years old. We felt we were in very good shape. 'We can do this; this is what we have been waiting for. ’ It was brutal ... I said, 'Now I understand why we don't do this more often.' "

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The chronicler asked him if Michael had shown any kind of sympathy with them in that training and, laughing, Jeffrey was blunt: "No, none at all". The anecdote, depending on the time frame you specify, unfolded three years after MJ's last retirement after playing two seasons at the Washington Wizards.

The Jordan Family's private court at the Highland Park Mansion
The Jordan Family's private court at the Highland Park Mansion

The oldest of the Jordan dynasty defined as "normal" the upbringing they had, but explained: "And it was probably normal up to a point. As for the relationship, you go through normal fights with your brothers, your mother, your father, all that. But in a social aspect, was far from normal or anything you can imagine. "

Who today plays a role in the Charlotte Hornets, an NBA franchise that his father bought, had a step in college basketball in Illinois and Central Florida, which was more discreet than that of his younger brother Marcus, who for a time It attracted the attention of talent scouts for its good results.

Jeffrey is part of the documentary about the Bulls that recently premiered in a funny scene: He traveled to Paris with his father to accompany him in a series of exhibitions that the Chicago franchise made in the European city in 1997. “We had to decide who I was going to travel in the team plane and who was going to travel with my mother in the Concorde. Marcus and I were actually fighting for the Concorde. I flew with the team and met some of my idols. During the season we were unable to go to games away from home. My mother was very demanding: school was before everything, "he explained.

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Among other details of his life, Jeffrey acknowledged that it was his mother who advised them to avoid using the number 23 in their sports careers: “I was always looking for a new number or a way to differentiate myself. Marcus was always a great defender of 5, 2 plus 3. I didn't know my mother played basketball in high school until I went to college. The 13 was his number and he always had a lucky feeling with that number. "

Marcus, Jasmine and Jeffrey, the three children of Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy as children (Photo: @mickijae)
Marcus, Jasmine and Jeffrey, the three children of Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy as children (Photo: @mickijae)

One of the three children from Jordan's first marriage to Juanita Vanoy acknowledged that he hopes that people who watch the documentary will also encounter the “normality” of the sports myth: “I hope it reveals normality. My father is inhuman in basketball. But it is human. He has a tremendous amount of compassion and empathy for people. He makes mistakes but, like everyone else, he does the best he can"

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