"It's time": Calderón detailed how he took advantage of a goal from Cuauhtémoc Blanco to surprise and

"Difficult decisions
"Difficult Decisions" exposes the plan that extinguished the Light and Force Company of the Center
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The former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, highlights in his book "Difficult Decisions" the plan that extinguished the Compañía Luz y Fuerza del Centro in October 2009, right in the middle of an economic crisis that, until then, was the most delicate after the Great Depression of 1929.

In that sense, he narrated in an interview for La Silla Roja with Leonardo Kourchenko, Enrique Quintana and Víctor Piz, for The financial that same day Mexico played against El Salvador in the qualifying rounds for the 2010 World Cup and Cuauhtémoc Blanco scored the second goal.

"We decided to the day of the taking of Luz y Fuerza, the day that Mexico was playing the pass to the World Cup in South AfricaWe were at a disadvantage, but if we won we went to South Africa and when Cuauhtémoc Blanco scored the second goal against El Salvador at the Azteca Stadium and that everyone came out to celebrate and everything, I said ‘it's time, let's go ahead’, the operation started shortly before midnight ”, he detailed.

For this, they had already prepared 40 thousand indemnity checks equivalent to two and a half years of salary for each of the company's workers.

40 thousand severance checks equivalent to two and a half years of salary were prepared for each of the workers
Photo: iStock

40 thousand severance checks equivalent to two and a half years of salary were prepared for each of the workers
Photo: iStock

The morning after the publication of the decree, he commented that Thousands of Luz y Fuerza workers were reported in the streets with firearms, sticks, torches, tubes, but after a lengthy deliberation at the union headquarters office, "good sense prevailed and finally they said ‘we are not going to resort to violence’, But there was no shortage of people who say ‘this will break the scheme for us.’ ”

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The former president assured that it was one of the biggest and most difficult decisions, but luckily it went well.

He mentioned that a year after Luz y Fuerza closed, there were already 400,000 new electricity contracts. He also commented that the failures were reduced from more than an hour on average per user, to six minutes per user.

"Difficult decisions"

On May 18 Felipe Calderón presented his second book in which he reflects on the task of governing and where details how he lived his six-year term.

Users of social networks did not wait and launched criticism where they expressed that allegedly bears similarity to the book of the former Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Calderón's book, an alleged copy of Hillary Clinton's Photo: Twitter / @OccupyMexico
Calderón's book, an alleged copy of Hillary Clinton's Photo: Twitter / @OccupyMexico

Calderón's new book is called "Difficult decisions"; Hillary Clinton's book was called "Hard Choices" and it was translated into Spanish as "Difficult Decisions".

While, Margarita Zavala, Calderón's wife and a former independent presidential candidate in Mexico in 2018, she also wrote a book in 2016 titled "Daisy flower. My story" and was published by Grijalbo, while Bill Clinton's wife was titled in Spanish "Living History".

The above has caused a wave of criticism on social networks, since it is believed that the political movement that the couple leads, will soon be a political party: Free Mexico, which was also criticized for have a logo similar to that of an Argentine foundation, known as Free.

"At the end of the year I finished a book on the most important and difficult decisions that I have had to make in public life. It is a necessary reflection on what it means to govern. Due to the pandemic, editorial work was postponed but its presentation will be made soon, ”Calderón Hinojosa explained on Twitter.

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