Jennifer Aniston! Scientist removes record on Instagram


94-year-old David Áttenborough is the man who has dared to snatch from Brad Pitt's famous ex, Jennifer Aniston, the record for having reached the fastest million followers on Instagram.

The scientist opened his official Instagram account and in less than 5 hours, David Áttenborough he had already left the beautiful actress behind.

Jennifer Aniston surprised everyone when she decided to open her account on the famous social network, the news went around the world and in 5 hours and 16 minutes she had already positioned herself as the person who reached the fastest million followers on Instagram.

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But who is this scientist? David Áttenborough is famous in the internet world for his documentaries on wildlife and nature. It took this man only four hours and 44 minutes to snatch the title from Jennifer Aniston.

On the list of those who have obtained the million followers the fastest are: David Áttenborough with the first place, followed by Jennifer Aniston, the Dukes of Sunssex, Kang Daniel and in the fifth place, Pope Francis.

It was on October 15, 2019 that Brad Pitt's ex-partner surprised with his first post on Instagram, a news that both his followers and other celebrities applauded.

To open her account, the famous blonde had luxury godparents because her first post was a photograph in which she can be seen next to her former colleagues from the beloved series Friends.

And now we're Instagram FRIENDS man. Hi Instagram, was the message with which the beautiful actress drove the social network crazy.


Aniston's first post exceeded 16 million reactions and had more than half a million comments of surprise and gratitude for joining the social network and being closer to her followers.

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But this publication also caused a stir by giving hope to Internet users of a possible return of the famous series in which Jenn gave life to the unforgettable Rachel Green.

The actress has used her account to share beautiful memories both of the series, as family members and of herself as a child; as well as moments of his day to day and his career. One of the publications that caused the most stir was the one in which he shared the photographs of a man in the hospital, with which he sought to raise awareness among those who do not believe that covid-19 exists and are not aware of the enormous damage it can cause.

Recently Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt made headlines after the two participated in a virtual reading of Fast Times lives on Ridgmeont High, a comedy.

The story took a backseat and so did the participation of other huge stars in this event when Jenn began flirting with the famous actor.

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It seems that the love and chemistry has not ended between the two celebrities and there could easily be something more between the two, as the smiles and glances sparked on the screen.

Aniston became a sensation when she bluntly told the handsome actor that he is "so sexy" and couldn't stop speaking well of him.

It was in 1998 when Jenn and Brad became the couple of the moment and two years later, on July 29, 2000 they arrived at the altar, almost more than 20 years ago.

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