Jennifer Lopez revealed the truth about her mysterious selfie after training

Photo: Jennifer Lopez's Instagram
Photo: Jennifer Lopez's Instagram

Jennifer Lopez got attention this week for a strange appearance in a selfie that she published on her Instagram account. The image intrigued everyone and hundreds of theories were generated around it, but it seems that the reason is much simpler than we think.

It was last weekend when the American star shared a snapshot at the conclusion of his exercise routine. In the photograph, he appears in front of the mirror, wearing sportswear, very discreet makeup and even hair tied at the top of his head. He also highlighted his marked body thanks to the work of constant training.

Lopez accompanied this new capture with a motivational message aimed at all those seeking new challenges, whether in the sports or social sphere: "If he doesn't challenge you, he doesn't change you ...", although what most caught the attention of his followers was a strange appearance in the background of sports photography, which they described as terrifying.

According to the hundreds of followers who sharpened their eyes, Behind a curtain in a corner of JLo's room, just over his shoulder, there is a mysterious man with his mouth covered.

(Photo: Jennifer Lopez's Instagram)
(Photo: Jennifer Lopez's Instagram)

When zooming in on the image, a man with a bald or shaved head and a lost gaze on the roof of the property is perceived, although his appearance divided opinions and highlighted the object over his mouth, since While some said it was a mask, others indicated that it was a hand to prevent it from screaming.

The mysterious appearance caused different versions. It was speculated whether it was a personal trainer, a hidden man, a hostage, and until the subject wore a face mask, used as protection to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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Thus it was that the fans did not take long to question the singer: "What about the boy with his mouth covered deep over your shoulder?"


Thus, around this photograph different theories emerged, which seem to be very far from reality and which was finally revealed to reassure all fans of the “Diva of the Bronx”.

In accordance with AND! News, In the image a man does appear, but it is not an unknown infiltrator, but an acquaintance of Alex Rodriguez.

(Photo: Jennifer Lopez's Instagram)
(Photo: Jennifer Lopez's Instagram)

The publication contacted a source close to the famous couple and explained that the mysterious subject in JLo's image was only talking to the former baseball player by videoconference.

"His office is attached to the gym and is only separated by a curtain. When they make video calls, they project them onto a fairly large screen. If you look closely, you can see Alex's shoulder with a navy t-shirt. He's sitting at his desk, so the image you see is that of the man with whom he is doing the Zoom, who, by the way, is covering his mouth with his hands”Related the person close to Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé.

This version was supported by Jennifer Lopez herself, who confessed to Jimmy Fallon that it was a real estate salesman who was talking to Rodriguez.

"It was a type of real estate that Alex was with at Zoom," indicated the famous.

Lopez also mentioned that said image was achieved because they conditioned their gym in the garage, where their dance gear is also located and is located next to the Zoom installation.

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