Joaquin Phoenix would be willing to collaborate again with Todd Phillips for a new Joker


Joker image (2019)

While it has been sold "Joker" as a self-contained story, an Elseworld with only one number, in recent months the press has been interested in knowing if that is carved in stone or there's a possibility that Joaquin Phoenix will return as the clown prince of crime, If you can be accompanied by Todd Phillips.

The duo has been open in the past and that is something that Phoenix himself has clarified in an interview the fantastic experience he has had with this film and that he sees infinite options to continue exploring this character:

I've talked to Todd about what we can do, so in general, to work together but, specifically, if there is anything else we can do with Joker that is interesting. It has become the role of my dreams. It's nothing I would like to do before working on this movie. I don't know if there is anything else to do but Todd and I would continue to roll if we could because the roads to take seemed infinite.

We also leave you with a video in which Todd Phillips reels the opening scene of the movie, explaining the technical details they had to deal with and how they play a role in the theme of the film.

Finally, at the box office level the data given last weekend was consolidated and the film has led the box office at the domestic level with 96 million. Globally it has been done with 151, which makes its total today 247 million on a budget of about 50 million dollars. In Spain he has led the box office with 4.4 million euros.

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