Johnny Depp, how much money have you lost since Pirates of the Caribbean?

The various court cases involving Johnny Depp e Amber Heard have made headlines in recent months, but even after the practices have been concluded they have continued to attract the attention of fans due to the numerous backstories and stories of private life.

Most of the depositions released in court concerned what went wrong during the course of their marriage, however Johnny Depp also talked about his financial situation after the saga Pirates of the Caribbean.

Well before the outbreak of the court case against The Sun and Amber Heard, in fact, another story of the star’s private life had captured the attention of the public, the one relating to his fortune squandered over the years. Depp admitted he lost $ 650 million that he had earned during his career, and that in addition to that amount he also owed $ 100 million to the government for unpaid taxes (due to the alleged mismanagement of his former managers). The actor in court some time ago stated:

Since Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 I had, and that’s ridiculous to say, it’s pretty embarrassing, apparently I had made $ 650 million. When I fired my managers, for the right reasons, not only had I lost $ 650 million, but I was $ 100 million down because my managers had apparently not paid taxes to the government for 17 years.

The news made a splash as part of Johnny Depp’s court testimony. The actress’s accusations are now at the center of a second lawsuit, opened in the United States.

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