Johnny Depp reveals reason for his divorce with Amber Head, defecated in bed

Known to be a chameleonic actor Johnny Depp shared what was the reason for his separation with Amber head, stated that it was because she defecated in bed.

For several months now, ex marriage Conformed by both actors it ended, however, they have been involved in lawsuits because they both claimed that the other beat them.

Last Tuesday July 7th the actor's trial against a british tabloid (The Sun) because in it they affirmed that Depp had beaten Head, however he affirms that it was the opposite.

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It was during the London Supreme Court that Johnny Depp He stated the reason why he decided to separate from who at the time was his wife, and that was that for joke he decided to part ways with Head for defecating on his own.

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Although the protagonist of "Pirates of the Caribbean" she claims it could have been Head or one of her friends had done "his joke" way back in 2016, affirming that for her it had been an innocent joke, however for the actor that action was the drop that spilled the glass.

He had to share the information in court because being in it must tell the truth even if they are somewhat embarrassing.

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He also added that he would never lay a hand on her or any woman, because that something low enough for a gentleman.

“It is a strong and central part of my moral code to never hit a woman, under any circumstances, at any time. I find it simply inconceivable that this could ever happen ”, he assured.

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The famous histrionic sat on the bench of the witnesses of the High Court room on the first day of his trial for slander of the newspaper The Sun for an article that described it as "husband g0lp3ador".

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