José Dolores “El Lolo”, alleged leader of the criminal group “Los

José Dolores, the alleged leader of the Aztecas, was arrested in Ciudad Juárez (Photo: Chihuahua Prosecutor's Office)
José Dolores, the alleged leader of the Aztecas, was arrested in Ciudad Juárez (Photo: Chihuahua Prosecutor's Office)

José Dolores, better known in the world of organized crime as “El Lolo” and identified as leader of the group “Los Aztecas”, He was arrested this Wednesday, May 20 at night in the north of the country, according to the first reports from the authorities.

The Attorney General of the State of Chihuahua informed through a statement that the arrest of José Dolores V.S was achieved, also called "The Iraqi". The alleged leader of one of the most violent groups on the border was one of the objectives set out within the security strategy of the three levels of government, according to the information.

Dolores was considered by law as one of the main generators of violence and alleged author of more than 50 homicides in Ciudad Juárez, according to the state attorney.

"This is a hard and accurate blow to crime, We are not going to give up on the fight to regain the peace and tranquility of our state. In the next few hours, this person will be brought before the Courts to answer for all the crimes he committed, "said the Attorney General, César Peniche Espejel.

The investigations of the Prosecutor General's Office indicate that José Dolores was allegedly the one who ordered multiple killings of the people who worked under his command, but he also participated in some of the murders. Sicarios and drug dealers were part of the group.

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These attacks were carried out against the most powerful rival groups, even going so far as to attempt the lives of their own people. On the other hand, Authorities indicated that he may have been involved in attacks against police elements.

In the arrest warrant that was completed by members of the State Investigation Agency, it was established that on November 24, 2019, kidnapped and deprived a person of life in Ciudad Juárez.

"This is the first of, at least, twelve other investigation folders that will be imputed to him"Said the Prosecutor.

Peniche Espejel recognized the permanent and uninterrupted work of Police Investigators, Agents of the Public Ministry, Experts and Information Analysts

, with which he could locate, arrest and now bring to justice one of the subjects most wanted by the authorities.

José Dolores had already been arrested in 2011 along with six other people for crimes against health, possession of weapons for the exclusive use of the Army and extortion.

Those involved were assured 2 kilos 309 grams of marijuana, seven grams of heroin in 136 wrappers, and 147 packages of cocaine weighing 9 grams. Also, a 30 caliber rifle, a 9-millimeter pistol, 18 cartridges, four 1,600 pesos cell phones distributed in five envelopes and a Chevrolet van without license plates or permission to drive.

After the events, all were consigned to the Public Ministry of the Federation and a preliminary investigation was initiated. How he obtained his freedom is unknown.

The Aztecs are one of the criminal gangs considered to be the most violent by the Mexican authorities (Photo: Chihuahua Prosecutor's Office)
The Aztecs are one of the criminal gangs considered to be the most violent by the Mexican authorities (Photo: Chihuahua Prosecutor's Office)
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During the first days of January 2020, one more of the alleged members of the gang “Los Aztecas” was captured. José Alfredo N, alias "Freddy" or "Ferro" was arrested in Ciudad Juárez in an operation by the Mexican authorities in collaboration with the United States.

At the time of his arrest, the detainee assured that he intended to enter American territory with five kilos of heroin. The value de the drug was valued for sale for an amount greater than two million pesoss, according to One Tv.

In addition, in the final stretch of 2018 he was captured René Gerardo Santana Garza, alias “El 300”, the alleged main operator of "Los Aztecas". The Federal Police and the Ministry of National Defense coordinated his arrest in Aldama, Chihuahua.

"The 300" was marked as one of the 11 bosses who dispute the control of drug trafficking in Chihuahua. Some of its competitors were the Sinaloa Cartel and the Juárez Cartel, according to information from The universal.


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