Juan de Dios Pantoja is hospitalized and will undergo surgery!

The singer, businessman, youtuber and social media influencer Juan de Dios Pantoja will have to undergo surgery this January 25 at approximately 6:00 p.m., this because he shared some videos in his stories where he revealed an injury that he needs surgery.

Juan de Dios Pantoja The husband of the influencer Kimberly Loaiza has become a celebrity just like his wife, thanks to the content they share on their social networks, their music and the stage of entrepreneurs in which both decided to venture.

In a short time, the 25-year-old has achieved what other youtubers, singers and internet personalities have not been able to do and in longer time, fortunately he has the support of his beautiful wife, his family and friends who are on the lookout for his health and his projects to support them, although it is his wife who has become much more famous than him, like every good husband he supports her unconditionally and celebrates his triumphs like no one else.

The interpreter of "Error" and husband of Kimberly Loaiza He mentioned that he was fine that it was nothing serious and that he had decided to share it because he knew that sooner or later his admirers would find out, so he wanted to save the rumors by showing himself what had happened.

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He quickly asked his "Pantojitas" not to worry that he was fine and that there was no problem, that although he would go into surgery, apparently he would have no more complications, in the hospital where he was his unconditional friend José Ricardo Caballero Flores, better known as El Super Trucha, stayed to sleep with him in the hospital.

The ugly thing about this is that they are going to put nails on me, they are going to do a modest surgery, what has been done is done, we have to face the consequences, "said JD Pantoja.

The interpreter of "Bye bye" Juan de Dios Pantoja He commented that he was fine and that he will have to spend a few weeks with the nails, from what can be seen in his videos, it was two fingers that broke the little finger and the ring finger, he was wearing a kind of splint with bandages, as He shared his video little by little he was appreciating how his two fingers began to have bruises (bruises) on his knuckles and part of the skin.

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The information he provided about his injury was that he apparently wanted to make a movement which failed, he did not give much detail about what happened, he only outlined a smile.

The youtuber is constantly in controversy, he admits it and also mentions that he prefers to be hated for being a person who is real, not only in his social networks, he is always the same both in front of the cameras and behind her, for that very reason Many haters take the opportunity to invent rumors that they cannot later verify.

The same happened last year with the host Lizbeth Rodríguez who stated that Juan de Dios Pantoja He had a romantic relationship with Kevin Achutegui, as mentioned, the tests on their relationship could not prove anything, so the singer chose to close that unpleasant chapter in his life.

In addition to this rumor, throughout his short career, many others have been invented and surely they will not be the only ones, since there are many people who want to see him fall, despite this JD Pantoja always manages to get ahead.

Surely with this surgery you will have to be extremely calm for a few weeks, without much movement, care and rehabilitation, we hope that you will recover soon and that your operation will go well.

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