Juan de Dios Pantoja reveals that there are more intimate videos of him and why he keeps them


The young man from Mazatlan, Juan de Dios, who is a quite popular youtuber and singer, revealed why he keeps the intimate videos that leaked him and caused so many problems in his relationship with Kimberly Loaiza.

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The influencer had an interview with Dalas Review, another youtuber who is dedicated to criticism and salsa, where he was in charge of taking out all the soup and expanding a little more everything hidden after what happened with his leaked intimate videos and his relationships with women.

Among the questions that Dalas asked him, one of the most highlighted was "Why do you keep those videos?", To which JD answered being very sincere: "For pen # $% 0", because despite having been able to justify himself with some others excuses he preferred to be honest and say what he feels.

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He also revealed that one of the leaked videos is not so old, where the girl's face is not seen was approximately from about 3 years ago, but that the one that shows the face of a young woman was already many years ago.


JD ended by confessing that there are more videos and that someone will probably have them and publish them in the future, something that would not be a surprise, because if it is true that his "enemies" want to knock him down through all this, they will upload them at some point.

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They tackled the topic of Badabun, Juan stating that they were making up fake news and that they enjoyed tricking people into getting money. He also confessed that he loved the CEO of the company very much, because he helped him a lot and they grew up together for some years.

The young youtuber says he is in the process of denouncing his alleged attackers and leakers of his videos, as he claims to have evidence of all the threats he allegedly received from them. Finally he confessed that he enjoyed recording the videos and that the girls gave him permission to do so.

Lastly, he related that everything happened because on many occasions they separated, since Kim's family is religious and at first they did not accept that they were together, however, after a lot of trying they achieved acceptance, although they are currently experiencing difficult times.

We leave you here the interview in case you want to check all the words of JD.

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