Juan Guaidó has the constitutional power to request and lead a multinational force to

Juan Guaidó (Reuters)
Juan Guaidó (Reuters)

The Castro-Castro dictatorship that holds power by force in Venezuela could not be withdrawn with successive and heroic mobilizations, nor by political actions or international pressure. Everything indicates that the usurpation can only cease through the credible threat of the use of force and that this happens is the power of President Juan Guaidó who has the constitutional duty to request, organize and lead a multinational force to liberate Venezuela.

The dictator Nicolás Maduro is an internationally wanted inmate along with his criminal leadership, the country is marked as the central narco-state, political prisoners, torture and persecution increase as the humanitarian crisis worsens. Venezuela is a country occupied by Cuba that shows its effectiveness in retaining power by applying the 61-year-old methodology.

President Juan Guaidó, recognized by almost 60 countries, suffers the consequences of not having established a government and not taking strategic initiatives against the dictatorship. Guaidó is a prisoner of the groups that make up the majority in the National Assembly, on which the people increasingly point out the role of "functional opponents" due to the results they offer allowing the dictatorship to continue.

The coronavirus pandemic is being used to strengthen dictatorships and Venezuela is the proof. The recent dark incident called "Gideon" has all the characteristics of being "a classic of the Cuban G2" but it is weakening and discrediting President Guaidó. Only force sustains usurpation and can perpetuate it. Everything indicates that we will not take long to see more violence to impose an agenda with which the dictator is legitimized and the dictatorship remains, guaranteeing impunity by recognizing them as politicians, maintaining their infamous laws and institutions.

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The Castro-Chavism counter-offensive launched last year to destabilize and overthrow democratic governments in the Americas continues relentlessly, taking advantage of the crisis, discontent and uncertainty caused by the pandemic. The governments of Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and others are under constant sedition and conspiracy publicized by the "Sao Paolo forum" and confessed by Maduro and Cabello as "Bolivarian brisita". The aggression against drug trafficking in all the states is so serious that the United States and other countries carry out naval containment and interdiction operations in the Caribbean. The sponsorship and protection of terrorism in and from Venezuela are proven.

Nobody believes that the usurpation in Venezuela can be stopped with elections or negotiations. The sanctions are important, but organized crime resists by force. Criminal prosecution applying the Palermo Convention against transnational organized crime is a great advance but it is rendered ineffective by the use of force from power in Venezuela, with which the convicts are protected.

Voices of the oppressed consider and demand for a foreign military action that releases them, giving as an example the "Operation Just Cause" against the narco-dictator Noriega in Panama. However, in addition to the national and international questions and repercussions and the differences in the strategic reality, this is the action that Castro-Chavism wants to claim as victims of interventionism and remain by force. This type of action is therefore currently unfeasible.

The Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in its Article 236 paragraphs 4 and 5 gives the President the power to "Direct the foreign relations of the Republic" ... and recognizes him as "Commander in Chief". The President of Venezuela is Juan Guaidó but he does not have control of the armed force that is subdued and manipulated by the occupation and the terror system, circumstances that make that force usurper and criminal.

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If the legitimate President of Venezuela considers - as the facts show - that there is no other way to cease the usurpation that the use of force has the constitutional duty and power to request, organize and lead a multinational force within the framework of the United Nations, TIAR or multilateral agreements. Publicly and openly constitute a force made up of the armed forces of states that have recognized it. Presenting the "credible threat" that can withdraw the usurpation and in case of contumacy cease the usurpation with legitimate actions, it would not be intervention or invasion, only compliance with the law, when carried out under the authority of the President of Venezuela and to restore national sovereignty .

* Lawyer and Political Scientist. Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy

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