Juanes arrested for stealing a car By mistake!


The Colombian singer Juanes told how it was that a Tesla car was stolen without realizing it and because of it arrested from his home in Miami a curious anecdote of the famous singer that of course surprised his followers.

Juanes went through a somewhat mortifying but at the same time comical moment, as he was carrying a car Tesla it was not his and the authorities fell on him at his Miami mansion.

It was through his official Instagram account that Juanes released a story that is told and still not believed, as it turns out that the singer arrived with his wife at his home in Miami.

They had been having dinner in a restaurant in the city and around eleven o'clock at night, the Colombian was in his study and at that point his children came shouting that the police were at the family residence.

Juanes he quickly went down to see what the policemen wanted, he noticed that they were armed and he could only see their eyes and one of them answered the singer's question about "What had happened."

Hey sir, we have a report that there is a stolen car in this house, ”the officer argues.

For this, the singer was surprised and went back to his house, took his cell phone and returned with the officers.

Look, this is my car, this is the application and I think you are wrong ”.

Juanes He decided to go with the officers to show them the car and when he opened it he realized that there were things inside it that did not coincide with what was really his, so he realized that this car was not his but someone else's person more.

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Fortunately, as the singer says, everyone began to laugh and later the real owner of the car came to his mansion for his car.

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We were both dead with laughter, the officer told me that something like this had never happened to him. My wife and I literally stole a car without realizing it. "

While the singer was taken by his to the restaurant where he ate and surely they are wondering how it was that he opened and he started the car ?, because the reason is that the Teslas open when they have the key nearby.

The original owner of the car had left the key inside it, so the car not only opened but started the engine and in this way Juanes and his wife took a car that was not theirs and did not realize it.

The policeman calls the owner of the car, he comes to my house and tells me that he had left the keys in the car, that's why he arrested me when I got in. We ended up hugging and laughing about it. "

The video where he told the curious anecdote was shared yesterday on his official Instagram account and so far it has almost 600,000 views and hundreds of comments from his followers.

What an extraordinary story !!!! "," Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha very goodooo and crazy! "," What a great story, it deserves a song !!!!! "," It seems hahahahaha happened to me with a Renault 4. HAHA " "JJjajajajajajaja great !!!!", were some of the comments.

It is worth mentioning that Juanes He is one of the most beloved Colombian singers in most of the world, and it is that for more than 20 years as a soloist he has collected endless hits, and since then he has become known worldwide in addition to winning the heart of many for his great charisma.

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