Juanpa Zurita and Galilea dance, the best behind Pequeños Gigantes 2020


The long-awaited program of Televisa Pequeños Gigantes 2020 where once again Galilea Montijo is participating as the host of one of the favorite programs of Mexicans.

The first program just started and we already have the behind-the-scenes shots of the famous Show, in which we will now have new judges: María León, Albertano Santa Cruz, Juanpa Zurita and Biby Gaitán.

At the beginning of this video published by the stars we can see the pre-program rehearsals in which the children prepare to present their numbers, whether they are dance or singing.

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There are also some shots in which the production team together with the Little Giants make a wheel with your hands to motivate themselves before going on stage.


We can appreciate the photographic sessions of the participants, who were already dressed and prepared to shine in this exciting Televisa program being enjoyed by millions.

Thanks to this video, we could also see how the judges prepare while they are putting on makeup and some shots about how they prepare their spirits before starting the program.

However, something that most caught our attention was when Galilea Montijo dedicated himself to singing, being one of the funniest moments of the night because we know that he does not have a specific talent to carry out that activity, however, I really wanted to and had a lot of humor something that is respected and admired.

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Another of the most memorable moments of the recordings was a scene in which a small participant sings in front of Juanpa Zurita, grabbing his cheeks and even noticing the nervousness of the young influencer telling him not to blush, being one of the most tender so far, because we know that many more are to come as children are a source of endless natural tenderness, so they end up making the audience laugh a lot.

Photos of the best moments is when María León and albertano begin to dance together, so Juanpa Zurita and Galilea also form a couple, polishing the dance floor, showing that they are quite good for that.

We also observe from another angle the exact moment in which the judges chose the participants who would become the protagonists of their teams, since there are some who dance, some who sing and others who perform sketches, being one of the most fun sections for their great ingenuity and that has characterized the program.

It is worth mentioning that the young judge Juanpa Zurita shared through his social networks that the C0VID-19 test was carried out, this thanks to the fact that he was suspecting that he could have been infected because he was with fever and having a bad time last night.

It was on his Twitter where the youtuber revealed he spent a terrible night with a fever and chills, thinking that it was the virus that is hitting the world. However, he was in charge of confirming the situation, explaining: “After a night with a fever of fear and chills, I thought I had C0VID. I took the test and it came out negative. The temperature kept rising to 39.2 and I didn't understand what was happening. Finally the doc came and confirmed that I have influenza. I'm fine and I'm recovering ”.

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