Juanpa Zurita and Galilea Montijo cry during the program

It was during the second episode of the show Little gigants in which Juan Pablo Zurita and Galilea Montijo ended up crying due to the presentation of one of the participants.

He youtuber recognized worldwide and the host as well as several audience members could not avoid the excitement of seeing the performance of little Sofía Polanco, only 5 years old.

Both Galilea Montijo and Juanpa Zurita They could not contain the crying for the emotional words that little Sofía shared, and it is that it touched a very sensitive chord of the young actor, it was through a video on YouTube that was launched on September 14 where they made the situation known in he Today Program.

Galilea was presenting a capsule with Coque Muñiz and Paúl Stanley, he commented that it had been a great misfortune that they could only launch three episodes which were recorded at the beginning of the year, just when the pandemic began in America.

This new edition was being recorded in the United States, they affirm that the competition among the children was quite strong, however they did not have the opportunity to continue with the recordings due to COVID-19, some scenes that were experienced in the second chapter were shared.

What was most surprising was seeing the blue-eyed young man who has enchanted the Internet so much, not only for his performance in the netflix series Luis Miguel, playing his younger brother, but also for his entertaining videos on his social networks.

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Sofía Polando, originally from Puerto Rico, was with Galilea and Zurita, the part in which she appears in the Hoy channel video, was precisely when Juan Pablo's eyes began to fill with tears, because the little five-year-old giant, She told her that she understood what she was going through because she had also lost someone, her grandmother.

Given this, not only Juanpa began to cry but Galilea also began to feel so emotional that surely some Internet users could not avoid reacting in the same way.

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On Twitter this news became an immediate trend, because the fact of seeing two of the most joyful and beloved people throughout Mexico and part of the United States crying is too shocking.

"I'm going to tell my grandmother to take care of your puppy," Zurita wrote on his Twitter.

The actor commented that his dog had lost her life last year, and that like any cycle of life it was inevitable that it would come to an end, he was grateful to his pet because it was thanks to her that he started uploading videos to YouTube, he said that practically if it had not been for her he would not be in the place where he is currently.

He was laughing a bit at the background music they had put on him, because on some occasions he laughed at the soap operas "nimodo has already touched me", that comment made those seconds even more emotional, especially when sofi would ask her granny to take care of her dog.

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Before this Galilea Montioj could not help but let some tears roll seeing this scene, he ended up being moved like Zurita.

Juan Pablo Zurita has changed his last name to "Zuripa" due to a small giant who barely knows his name well and tells him like this, it was precisely in the second program, the young woman sang a song for him and even invited him to dance.

The youtuber has become the new gallant of the little ones, thanks to his personality and especially his charisma that has driven more than one of them crazy with tenderness, in social networks in each of the two episodes of Little Giants he is full of comments and videos related to the young actor who has millions of fans.

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