Juanpa Zurita boasts a new update of his game


Fans of Juan Pablo Zurita better known as Juanpa Zurita are excited about the new update that their game has, perhaps for many it was a surprise or that the youtuber recognized worldwide simply fulfilled some of their requests, surely you are imagining it if you are a fan of the young man.

This new update is due to a video he shared a long time ago when it was first parachuted up, resulting in something quite unexpected and perhaps for some disgusting.

Some time ago the youtuber shared his first experience jumping from a parachute, however, despite saying that he had enjoyed it completely, he had a small altercation that for his fans was surely something extremely funny, he could probably have avoided it, however he ended up forgetting it.

The fact of falling from a plane at a certain height is impressive, can you imagine? The icy wind, the pressure, the adrenaline, and all those emotions she must have felt Juanpa ZuritaHowever, they do not compare with the fact that when he was falling, a certain mucus began to come out of his nose that can be seen quite well in the video.

Commented Juanpa Zurita that he had forgotten to blow his nose minutes before parachuting, so it was probably congested due to the cold it was doing while he was falling, probably also because of the wind so inadvertently a kind of mucus began to come out of his nose green, which surely many of us know when we are sick.

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It can be something really disgusting, it was extremely funny, especially because of the experience that he told how he felt, how he saw it, etc.

Probably his followers made him several requests to include that "mucus" in his video game, which by the way has become one of the most downloaded, especially the favorite of Internet users in the App Store and Google Play.

The video game is called "Skydive Adventure"Through a public publication on his Instagram account, he added a photograph, as he falls from the sky with his now recognized mucus coming out of his nose.

It is not only because of his video game that the young man has become a celebrity, but also his person as he has so far 11,100,000 followers in one of his Instagram accounts, in the second he has 25 million, which is where he publishes more photographs such as model and personal apparently.

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I am always creating and producing new projects, I am very nervous to see what the reaction will be because the game is breaking it and beyond that we loved it, it fills my soul ", part of the description that he shared in one of his publications, is sitting next to his character who wears the same clothes as him.

The publication with the image of the update, was shared about two days ago for its followers, the image disappeared extremely comical.

From what we have seen Juan Pablo Zurita He is a young celebrity who always seeks to innovate, not only his person but also his projects, we recently saw him participate in the Little Giants program and today he is participating in a new project, the second season of "Who is the Mask "next to Carlos Rivera, Yuri, Omar Chaparro and Consuelo Duval.

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Over the years he has become a personality, not only on social networks but also on television, thanks to his charisma, innocence and humility, he has won the hearts of millions and will surely continue to do so for many years to come. doubt one of the personalities you would like to meet at some point in your life.

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