Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Season 2 Ending Explained

The end of season 2 sees all of the teenagers changed in some way or another, albeit not so dramatically. Like the dinosaurs at the watering hole, predator and prey mingling peacefully because of a shared goal, our campers might have personality clashes at times, but they put them aside and learn from each other because the only way to survive is to adapt to your surroundings.

Who Are “The Other Guys?”

With seemingly no hope of being rescued (although the emergency beacon they turned on did say it was received, so maybe someone is coming for them), Darius resolves to find a way off the island himself. Which might not be so hard, seeing as Tiff’s boat stalled out pretty close to shore when the Baryonyx power couple decided to play “I am the captain now.”

And anyway, the kids have basically faced everything the island can throw at them, right?… right?

Well, here’s the thing. All season, social media starlet Brooklynn has been noticing some weird humming sounds and cold spots on the island. Like really cold. Like, freezing a patch of flowers cold. This mystery appears to be connected to Eddie, the lab worker who mentioned “the other guys” last season but was inconveniently eaten before he could elaborate. He had a master keycard to open any electronic lock in the park (which Hap seemed to recognize), and a number Brooklynn found in the lab corresponds to the one on the door that all the cold air is coming from. The door where, unbeknownst to the kids, the cryogenic system has just failed.

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What were they keeping under ice in there? Was it something to do with the hybrid program, or might it be a totally different project yet to be revealed in the Jurassic Park franchise, possibly involving the mysterious “other guys” and/or Mantah Corp? And what’s going to happen now that it is warming up? In the first movie, we learned that the gaps in the dino DNA were filled in with frog DNA, inadvertently giving the dinosaurs the ability to change gender like some frogs. Who’s to say a dinosaur made with wood frog DNA wouldn’t be able to wake up unharmed after being frozen just like the frogs?

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