Justice League, the mysterious cameo will be Green Lantern? Ryan Reynolds Answers!

In the course of a juicy preview on Justice League granted to Vanity Fair, the director Zack Snyder he anticipated some important details about his new film due out on March 18th on all digital platforms.

Among them, the director revealed that he had shot a new ending for the film, which now includes a defined resounding cameo which, according to the author, will drive fans crazy. Immediately, the audience pointed the finger at Green Lantern, the only member of the Justice League absent from the lineup of the team that will be seen in the film (considered the appearance of Martian Manhunter) and of course his interpreter on the big screen, Ryan Reynolds.

Is it possible that the surprise cameo that Snyder mentioned is that of the Deadpool star? It would probably be a bit too obvious, and indeed Ryan Reynolds himself wanted to set the record straight straight away:

"It's not about me. Maybe it's another GL? As for me, the dress stays in the closet. I mean, on the computer."

Recall that the association of Green Lantern to the elusive cameo anticipated by Snyder is purely speculative and the director did not reveal any details regarding the sequence shot in December 2020, so expectations are very high because it could literally be anyone.

In your opinion which character - and above all which actor - will appear in the film? Tell us in the comments!

For more insights, here's JL's new photo showing Jared Leto as the Joker.

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