#JusticiaParaDiana: the feminicide of a young university student during the quarantine in Nayarit

The young woman was studying the third grade of the Law degree at the UAN (Photo: Twitter)
The young woman was studying the third grade of the Law degree at the UAN (Photo: Twitter)

Mexico is in quarantine; however, violence against women has increased during the quarantine, despite the fact that the country's own president has questioned the increase in this type of violence.

On the night of May 24, a name crowned Twitter trends in Mexico. Diana, a 21-year-old girl who was murdered with a knife inside her home in the Morelos neighborhood, located in Tepic, Nayarit.

In accordance with NTV (The Portal of Nayarit), the Nayarit Attorney General confirmed that the young woman she had been attacked with a sharp-pointed knife while alone in the house.

Although no data on the attacker has been reported so far, The young woman had reported on social networks that she was harassed in August 2019.

She said that a man followed her from the Autonomous University of Nayarit (UAN), where he studied the third degree of the law law degree, until he tried to kiss her without her consent. The young woman assured that there were many people present, but that none dared to help her.

There were endless people right there who just looked at me instead of saying something. What I'm going to do is that we want the government to provide us with the necessary security but as a society that we are contributing? Do we have to wait for more serious acts to pass before people start reacting?

Family, friends, colleagues and even the university I was attending were the ones who began to publish the femicide on social networks, many of them Outraged because in some media reports of the fact that they reported that they had "found Diana" lifeless and clarified that "it was not murder, it was femicide" or that "she did not die, they murdered her."

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The UAN issued a publication in which they regret the murder of the young woman and condemn the attack on the young woman who was part of their community.

We are in favor of the authorities giving the importance that an investigation requires of an act as atrocious as the one that occurred.  We will be attentive. We hug your family and friends. #JusticiaParaDiana


One of the last publications that the young woman made on her social networks in which she invited her contacts to enjoy the day now, as if it were the last. "Many people who died yesterday had plans for today," it reads.

Although the State Attorney's Office has not issued an official statement, the young woman's femicide has generated a strong virtual protest in which they ask for clarification and justice for Diana.

In many of these posts they label the current President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who assured days ago that 90% of calls for help for family violence were false.

Days later, the executive maintained his position by saying: "Notice that, contrary to what happened or what is happening, it was thought that if families joined there would be more violence. It is a concept that does not apply to Mexico due to the characteristics of our families, which are different customs, to what happens in other parts of the world, with all respect. "

In August 2019, he had reported harassment through social networks (Photo: Twitter)
In August 2019, he had reported harassment through social networks (Photo: Twitter)

The president of the National Institute of Women herself (Women)Nadine Gasman Zylbermann accepted that the 91% of victims do not request support or do not report the violence they suffer inside his house, but he did not support the president in his statement.

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However, cases like Diana's reveal the reality that women live in Mexico. According to Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) In March, calls to report domestic violence increased 23%, while, for its part, the Citizen Council for Public Safety reported that in the first seven days of April an increase of nearly 50% was reported in the total number of calls registered in the previous month and that the main aggressor was identified as the partner, boyfriend or husband.


AMLO again questioned the increase in domestic violence during the health emergency

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Inmujeres accepted that 91% of victims of violence do not report, but not that the calls are false, as López Obrador assured.

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