Justin Bieber and Avicii could be related to Pizzagate

Coincidentally two celebrity names Justin Bieber and Avicii have emerged who are said to be related to Pizzagate and child trafficking.

After the network of Anonymous reappeared several have been resumed conspiracy theories in relation to the cases of p3dofiIia in the world.

As surely you already know it is said that avicii took his own life in 2018, however the theory has arisen again that it was not so and that someone decided "shut it up".

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All this because he started talking about the child trafficking in one of his videos "For a better day" in which you can see a whole story.

In the video appears avicii being the protagonist of the video with a young woman both are doing "Justice" because they were part of the minors who were in that situation at a certain time

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On the other hand we find Justin Bieber in one of his most recent videos titled "Yummi" In the video you can see a party set by several minors.

At the time of launching this video several theories began to appear also about the "exploitation" who lived in his time as a child, however, the singer never stated anything related to this topic.

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They are said to be related to PizzagateIn 2016, the network of cyber activists leaked a series of pedophile names including renowned politicians and businessmen.

The case was called Pizzagate because it was a supposed code that appeared in the leaked documents because different foods were named.

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The videos of Avicii and Bieber were immediately related to the complaint that had been made later as if they launched a strong message, it should be noted that there are five years apart between one video and another.

Today the network of Anonymous He claims that Avicii did not kill himself, even mentioning that they would gradually begin leaking documents and compromising information about the elite of the United States.

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