Kanye West gives up being considered a presidential candidate

Singer Kanye West he withdrew his request to appear as a presidential candidate, as reported by an email chain between a judge and what appears to be the email address of the rapper.

Apparently, a person hitherto unknown would have written to the judge of his administrative law Gail cookson, from the account of Kanye 2020, West was giving up on his efforts to appear on the New Jersey ballot.

Signatures submitted by Kanye West. AP

He content it said the following:

Right now, Kanye 2020 unfortunately has no choice but to withdraw from New Jersey and abandon further efforts to put Mr. West's name on the New Jersey ballot, ”says the Kanye 2020 email on Monday night.

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Thus, Cookson responded Tuesday, accepting his withdrawal.

I will consider this email as a request to withdraw your request to be placed as a nominee for President of the United States in the state of New Jersey, ”Cookson wrote.

The defense of electoral law Scott Salmon questioned the request of Kanye West last month and argued that it did not meet legal requirements since the signatures were incomplete and in some cases had very similar calligraphy.

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Meanwhile, a registered democrat, Salmon, filed the complaint on his own behalf, reacted positively to the news.

I am pleased that Kanye's campaign has realized that his petition was so lacking that it was not even worth defending, ”he said in a telephone interview. "It somehow highlights the fact that it shouldn't have been featured at all."

Signatures presented by Kanye West, to appear as a presidential candidate. AP

Furthermore, the request of New Jersey displays a set of signatures that look almost identical, including lowercase i's with small circles instead of dots above.

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In addition, the required data, most were incomplete, such as addresses full of the alleged signatories.

In the request, West he listed his residence as Cody, Wyoming, where he bought two estates in the area last year.

In an attempt to delve more deeply into the reasons that led to Kanye to desist and if the campaign refuted Salmon's objections.

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Undoubtedly, New Jersey It has always stood out for being a predictably Democratic state that has supported the party in the presidential elections since 1988.

Likewise, the state of the presidential campaign of West Just as if the artist is really looking to get to the White House, it is uncertain.

Currently the news that the rapper He is going through a bad time after suffering from bipolar disorders, so his wife even asked for solidarity for her husband.

The signatures presented by the rapper were highly similar and lacked required data. AP

Just last month, Kanye West He offered a speech in South Carolina, to present a conventional pco campaign which proposed the payment of a million dollars to the mothers of the country and criticized the American abolitionist Harriet Tubman for her work on the so-called underground railway.

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Even even the rapper's website, Kanye 2020 invites visitors to sign a petition to have it appear on the South Carolina ballot.

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