Karl Lagerfeld, a secret will would divide his fortune between his cat and seven people


The designer Karl Lagerfeld who left in February 2019 he would have supposedly left everything stipulated in his will, there was only one heir to his fortune, however, they reveal that there is another document, and this could change everything.

The cat Choupette, it was the faithful companion of the designer for many years and it was she who supposedly inherited all the fortune from the fashion guru.

However, new discoveries reveal that the master mind of the house "Channel"Lagerfeld would have included seven more people in an alleged manuscript.

The prestigious designer of German origin lost his life at the age of 85 and was 35 in charge of the house Chanel, apparently he never had a partner, or children and enjoyed a fortune of 400 million euros., as revealed by the German magazine Manager Magazin.

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The latest reports revealed in by the newspaper "Le Parisien"point out that there are seven people in his inner circle as possible beneficiaries of his will.

Also, it was known that her faithful companion with four legs, the cat "Choupette"he would have inherited all his fortune. What would happen to her?

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He was left in the care of Hudson Kroenig, for whom she also allocated a small amount so that neither she nor her cat are missing anything.

She has a small fortune for herself, she is an heiress. If something happens to me, the person who will take care of her will not be in poverty, "said the German, designer of Chanel, in an interview in 2015.


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The cat, a beautiful specimen of the Burmese sacred in sand color with more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, before whom he showed with his photo this Thursday his mourning after the death of "dad", is, as he himself said, "a rich girl".

Lagerfeld provided him with exhaustive care since he came into his life in 2011: his friend Baptiste Giabiconi lent it to him, but the designer ended up keeping it to give him a better life, with two ladies-in-waiting, a bodyguard, a driver and a modeling career that has generated 3 million euros (3.4 million dollars) .

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Similarly, the French newspaper reveals that this new information has increased tensions among the possible heirs, Sébastien Jondeau, his bodyguard, and Baptiste Giabiconi, model and friend of the designer.

However, others Names also include among the wills of the designer, Françoise Caçote, his godson; Brad Kroenig, the father of his godson; Caroline Lebar, your communications director, and Jake Davis, a friend.

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Always characterized by its neat aesthetics, always in black with a white collar, hair in a ponytail and black glasses, and also extravagant how to name your cat, the heir to your fortune. So far, the alleged document has not come to light.

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