Karla Luna feared for her daughters' mental health if they grew up near Karla Panini

The remembered member of the show of the Lavanderas, Karla Luna did not want to Karla Panini close to her daughters.

A fear with possible and correct foundations, without the exlavandera he knew what would happen in his absence, as strange forebodings he confessed that he did not want his daughters to be close to his former collaborator Karla Panini.

The remembered former driver who will end up losing the battle against cancer, Karla Luna he feared for his youngest daughters, the ones he had with his ex-partner Américo Garza.

Every day counts for everyone, each day must be special and add up for everyone ... because each human being has our own struggles and wars and they are all important, no matter how big they are, they are all valuable to us and to God, and there is the beautiful thing if we can see it, see that God never abandons us what to believe in his word and his promises, FAITH is the most important thing, we cannot lose it because then the emptiness enters with many things dark that will not help us to get out of the torment or proof that it is happening. Do not allow what is not for you Do not fear Have Faith And believe him, believe God, believe in Jesus I do believe and know ... I feel good and I know that my miracle will soon come !!! We create with ❤️ I love you, thank you for your prayers and here I keep fighting and thanking you for one more day Thanks to that anonymous angel who saw me today and brought me word of life Karla Luna

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Apparently to Moon he was concerned about his daughters and his mental health if they lived side by side Karla Panini, noted that "it would be very traumatic for them."

Through a recent interview on a well-known television program from the TV Azteca bar, Karla Luna He expressed his concern that his daughters would live with Karla Panini, who at that time was already a partner with her ex-husband, Americo Garza because this would be "traumatic for minors".

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Before the "comarre guera"he left this world, he gave an interview to the" Ventaneando "program in 2015 where he revealed what he wanted for him future from his younger daughters and he didn't want Karla Panini was close to them.

I would not like, at the moment especially not because they are very small, they would be something very painful, very traumatic, he said.

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At that time, the driver herself pointed out that one of the oldest daughters she had with Americo, she already realized more than what was happening, and sometimes asked what happened between her father, she and Karla Panini "Why didn't you work with your friend anymore?"

I had to tell him that it had bothered me because he broke my wrist, Luna recalled at the time.

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According to former washerwoman who lost his life in 2017, revealed that at the school they made comments to him on the matter, for this reason he preferred that he not be in contact with Karla Panini.

For me, the fact that she (her daughter) lives with her (Panini) would be like forcing her to something that maybe she will sue me in the future or that can cause psychological damage.

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Currently, since his departure, his ex-partner, Americo Garza took the girls from Luna and currently they live with the children that they have had with Karla Panini.

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