Karla Luna, her family are trash for her ex-husband, Américo Garza, they assure


According to an audio that was floated through a conversation, he points out that Americo Garza denounces the deceased's family as "garbage" Karla Luna, his ex wife.

The conversation which was revealed through a leaked Whastapp conversation and shows what Americo He thought about the family of his former partner and mother of his two daughters.

It should be remembered that Karla Luna and Americo Garza They fathered two daughters, who remained in the custody of Garza himself and Karla Panini after Moon lost his life in his fight against cancer.

In recent days the controversy of the scandal between Moon, Panini and Americo It reappeared, particularly with the most recent statements by businessman Felipe Silva, who has revealed several details and has uncovered a series of abuses that he says were committed against Karla Luna by her former partner and collaborator, Panini.

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The entrepreneur reiterates has witnessed all the mistreatment that Americo Garza committed against Karla Luna when she was still with "The Laundresses"and he even remains firm in his statements, challenging Américo and Panini to deny it, however, none of their arguments has been replicated by the couple so far.

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Now a conversation between the businessman himself and Americo Garza who crossed out as "trash"to the family of which he was once his wife. The above was shown through a video shared by the media Gossip No Like, where he entrepreneur He gave a reply of the statements that he has been disseminating.

I am writing to tell you that you do not know anything about how familiar and how trash the Luna family is, wrote Américo through a message to Felipe Silva.

Through a series of messages of text that the businessman exchanged, Felipe Silva and Americo, the latter claimed him for his statements and pointed out that he did not know the family of his ex-wife.

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He even reiterates and calls on the family of Karla Luna, since the businessman assures that the couple made up of Karla Luna and Américo Garza could leave the country to flee from all the controversy that has been created around them.

Or to another city or to another country, says the businessman.

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He points out that himself Americo said by call

For me, if you want to keep talking, talk, we will go to the United States for a few years as this pandemic passes.

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Felipe Silva send them both a message to Americo and Karla Panini in which he asks them "to repent because the lies have an expiration date" and everything will finally come to light.

After the businessman, Felipe Silva, came out to reveal Américo Garza's secrets, such as the mistreatment he committed against Karla Luna when they were still with 'Las Lavanderas', a WhatsApp conversation was leaked that would cause more controversy.

It should be noted that Silva is also an entrepreneur, who worked for a long time with Luna, Panini and Garza, for this reason, he assures that he witnessed many injustices against the deceased comedian.

In the chat of the instant messaging application, Américo asks Silva to leave them alone and to better get involved in his own affairs, he even pointed out that his ex's family.

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I am writing to say that you do not know anything about how familiar and how trash the Luna family is. I think you are wrong to be declaring things that are not your responsibility, don't you think? I told you: don't sniff, buddy, "Garza wrote to him on WhatsApp.

In the show, Chisme No Like, the full dialogue was shown and it was highlighted that Américo did not deny Karla Panini's alleged prostitution or drug addictions, much less having mistreated Luna.

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