Karla Panini and Américo Garza, say they are preparing to flee Mexico with daughters of Luna

Strong rumors indicate that Karla Panini and Americo Garza they were preparing to flee Mexico, with all their children including those of Karla Luna.

Apparently, the strong controversy and the various attacks against him are causing Americo Garza and Karla Panini make the decision to flee the country with everything and the sons of both, including the daughters of Karla Luna.

The family of the deceased and remembered former wagtail Karla Luna, who have begged by various means to allow them to see the daughters that the comedian had with Americo They may not see their dream come true if the alleged rumors turn out to be true.

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It should be remembered that since former driver Karla Luna left after losing the battle against cancer, her ex-husband, Americo Garza and Karla Panini Supposed "friend" and collaborator of the ex-washerwoman have not abandoned the controversy after making known the relationship between the two behind Luna's back.

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After an audio was released in which the same Karla Luna facing the couple today, many more things have come to light that have further destroyed the image of both.

Recently, the controversy has not given up after the recent interview where a producer who toured the show "The Laundresses"(where Panini acted with Luna) indicated that the" comare guera "(Panini) had been in bed with him for money.

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So these strong statements, and other attacks indicate that Americo and Panini could leave your home in Monterrey, Nuevo León and moving to the United States, so now it will be much more impossible than the daughters of Moon may be close to their maternal family.

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The businessman himself Felipe Silva, He also explained that the minors, daughters of Moon and Américo are at risk

Karla Panini is a woman who has no Christian values ​​and who seeks to cause harm. "

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Apparently, something the businessman said is that Karla Panini and Americo Garza They hope that the health crisis will end to supposedly leave the country.


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