Karla Panini: Betrayal was already coming, they analyze their body language

Karla Panini's betrayal of Karla Luna was already coming, as on several occasions she showed that she did not consider her to be her true friend and we can see it in the analysis of some interviews where they were together.

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This is a video on YouTube of El Mentor en Neurolenguaje, Cesar Ceballos, which is in charge of analyzing the body language of people that its subscribers ask for, in this case Karla Panini.

Surely you will know about "The Panini Case", a situation of treason between supposed friends and co-workers: Las Lavanderas. On this occasion, the clues where this situation was already seen were discovered.

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In the video, the professional analyst is dedicated to observing in detail a couple of interviews in which they coexist as people and not as characters of his program, because that's where the truth stands out, since within his role as Lavandera he could have some error It could be some acting.

The first interview analyzed is one of July 2013, where they made their "friendship" public on a program on a Monterrey channel. In this, Karla Luna admits that Panini was one of the most important women in her life, however, Panini only considers her a co-worker.

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The second interview happened 1 year and a half later, where more marked situations were revealed, as it was discovered that Luna expressed her friendship by touching Panini, however she responds with rejection and emotionally distances herself from her in various ways.

"La comadre güera" shows false smiles at her supposed friend and even as "sister" used to tell her, something that demonstrates the falsehood and distancing that strongly marked her relationship with "la comadre morena".

According to the analysis, Panini does not show any kind of remorse or regret and does not cause any conflict, although for many of us this situation was extremely outrageous, she does not show this, because she lacks empathy for something that the public has been practicing .

In conclusion, Panini took advantage of Luna's total trust, to destroy not only their relationship but much more. You have to see the full video to observe the important analysis made, we leave it for you here:

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