Kate del Castillo entangled in a lawsuit with the Bermudez Dog

Long ago the actress Kate del Castillo was affected by a controversy in which she had nothing to do because the lawsuit was between Bermudez dog and David Faitelson.

It all happened after Rento Ibarra, an American player, had an appearance on social networks apologizing for the scandal that had occurred after he allegedly beat his wife.

Due to this, ancient disputes between rivals from the past began to emerge for years such as Bermudez dog and David Faitelson.

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At that time (of the dispute) David was working for the company Aztec TV Enrique El Perro Bermudez also worked for the company Televisa.

It was when Enrique today a journalist from ESPN Álvaro Morales He had criticized Renato and referred to the América team for not detaching himself from the player because he accused him again of hitting women.

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However the Ecuadorian was forgiven by his wife, but they did not stop criticizing him and yet the commentator Enrique 'The Dog' Bermudez defended it.

David Faitelson appeared in the "Dog's" comment to condemn Bermudez's response, not without first noting that he was not clear whether it was genuine support or "they ordered it".

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"For me it is clear, Enrique, that you are defending a woman puncher. What is not clear to me is if you do it because you identify with it or because you were ordered to.
The truth: I didn't expect much from you either. "David commented.

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The comment of 'El Brujo' Morales, was quickly associated by connoisseurs, and they recalled the time when Faitelson worked with Luis García on TV Azteca, footballer who was accused of assaulting the actress Kate del Castillo when they were a couple.

It was at that moment that if I wanted to, the name of the actress that he did not even appear in the topic of conversation but with the simple fact of remembering his name everyone was surprised and immediately began to want to know his opinion.

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