Kate Middleton, it was not a lawsuit with Meghan Markle that derived the Megxit, but with Harry


After the Megxit of Harry and Meghan Markle Of the crown, much was speculated on the reasons that would have triggered the Sussex departure from royalty and the bad relationship between the wives of the heirs to the throne had been pointed out.

At first, it was argued that everything had been triggered by the particular attitude of Kate Middleton and to the friction with Meghan MarkleHowever, it was not with the Duchess of Sussex, but with Harry.

Apparently, there were a series of comments between Middleton and Harry what detonated the Megxit, apparently the good relationship that existed between Harry and his sister-in-law came to bad terms after a series of recommendations from Kate to her husband's brother.

It would all start with a warning from KateWhat to Harry He didn't seem to like it, they point out.

She, Kate Middleton would have warned him about the past and career of Meghan, which was not well taken by him and led to a great discussion.

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His sister-in-law apparently remembered Harry than Meghan came from a very different environment

She gently reminded him that he was dating someone with a completely different life, past and career, that it would take time, care and attention for him to integrate, "wrote authors Dylan and Andy.


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The idea that both wedges had always been maintained Meghan and Kate they were not tolerated by the scorn of Prince William's wife, however, the book "Dylan Howard and Andy Tillet, Royal At Wear" reveals about the meeting between Middleton and Harry that led to the decision to say goodbye to royalty.

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Harry saw in Meghan the reflection of his late mother Diana

Some expert members of the press reveal that they intuit that what most attracted Harry of Meghan It was the confidence that this inspired him that reminded him of his mother, which led him to marry so quickly, they say.

Unconsciously he was looking for a figure to replace his mother, who was so cruelly ripped from him, at a vulnerable age, "they assured.

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So the great resemblance that Harry can find in Meghan He makes Lady Di defend her from every comment or their relationship about her, even if these are not negative, however, it is evident that it opened a gap between them and Harry's family.

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Now Harry is doing what he would have wanted to do for his mom, protect her from everything and before everyone even from critics or negativity where it doesn't exist, maybe if Harry If only he had listened to the advice, things would not have gotten that far, if Harry could only empathize with his brother's recommendations.

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