Kenia Os launches its single "Te Odio" and the official video


The youtuber and singer Kenia Os It has quickly become a trend in social networks, especially in Twitter, because it released the official video of its new song titled "I hate you", immediately the microblogging service began to have reactions with the name of the interpreter of "Cocktails" .

That is the most recent project of his EP "songs for my ex volume 1", immediately on Twitter it has become a trend and it has approximately 68 thousand tweets, this one has the words "I HATE YOU KENYA".

Whenever she releases a new single, her fans are in charge of turning it into a trend, they always give the young woman enough love, so that you can give an idea of ​​the number of her followers, on Instagram she has around 8 million 200 thousand respectively.

The official video is now available on YouTube and the song "Te Odio" is also available on digital platforms. Spotify is the one in which it does the most promotion. Kenia Os SHEIN brand was the sponsor of the wardrobe you are using in your video.

The video begins with some strange recordings, which could even remind you of the movie "The Blair Witch Project" because it is with a recording format similar to that of the film, it seems that they are about to do a kind of "ritual "Well, in addition to Kenya, 3 other people are using some candles, an old book appears, everything happens inside a dark house that is quite gloomy.

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The video is quite entertaining especially because it reminds you of a horror movie, it seems that the ritual they were doing Kenia Os and company ended up going wrong, so that the singer in the end was possibly possessed by some powerful demon, followed by this he began to hurt the three friends who accompanied him in the ritual, so you can see one of the young women is his younger sister.

The letter talks about her ex-partner, tells the story of the breakdown of a relationship in which at first the woman is depressed and wondering how the other person will be, however there comes a point in history in which we end up surpassing our ex , and even hating it, the main theme of the song.

After going through the depression of having lost a love, sometimes we realize that this person is looking for us and not only her, but also her family and friends, however, having overcome it, we forget it just like that, We hate it and we even want it to have bad luck as mentioned in the lyrics of the song.

During the last projects of Kenia Os, His followers have been surprised because his videos and songs have impressed more than one.

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The young singer has been known for releasing high quality videos and the lyrics of her songs are extremely catchy and entertaining, she always tries to send a message in her melodies, something that her fans always make her see.

I congratulate you Kenya for being so persistent, committed to your dream, I see you as an integral artist with a lot of potential, I congratulate you for being so constant and that your talent speaks for you. Very good videos, production, wardrobe, theme, from Colombia I send you a hug, wrote an Internet user in the video.

Inevitably hearing the name of Kenia Os will always be related to Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja, as he began with the couple of youtubers with whom today it seems that they have reconciled and are good friends, as much as they were at the beginning of their careers.

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How well do you know Kimberly Loaiza is about to launch her own clothing line alongside the SHEIN company that coincidentally sponsored all the costumes that appear in the Kenia Os video.

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