“Kenneth Branagh deserves more respect. He shaped the MCU”

There was a time when the Marvel Cinematic Universe was not the war machine it is today, a time when we didn’t know we were in what we now call Phase 1, a time when Kevin Feige he didn’t have the immense credit he has today.

According to some, however, much of the credit for this success should go to Kenneth Branagh, the director of the first Thor. Second Zack Stentz, celebrated MCU screenwriter, he was the first to forge this extraordinary film franchise, making it what it has become today. In fact, the choice of interpreters of two iconic characters like Thor and Loki.

“Kenneth Branagh deserves MUCH more respect than he is being given today for shaping the MCU, because Thor and Loki are perhaps two of the most difficult roles to play. Back then it was not easy to choose who would have played such an arrogant Thor and a Loki who knows how to be loved and hated at the same time, without them the whole thing falls apart. “

The writer then added: “Today we only think about the successes of the MCU but in the beginning there were a lot of stumbles. Thor and Captain America had to build the way towards the first Avengers of 2012. Without them we would have seen something very different, we would have seen something like Iron Man and his friends “.

Recently, however, Taika Waititi revealed that Thor: Love and Thunder will be the best film in the MCU.

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