Kho-Kho Full Movie Download in HD Leaked by the Illegal Piracy Website Moviesda

Kho-Kho Full Movie Download in HD Leaked by the Illegal Piracy Website Moviesda

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Recently, the illegal piracy website Moviesda leaked a Malayalam film named Kho-Kho. It was leaked on the next day of the original release.

Read the complete article to get all the details about the Malayalam film Kho-Kho.

Kho-Kho Full Movie Download in HD Leaked

Kho-Kho is a Malayalam sports drama film. The story film Kho-Kho includes a story about the life of Maria Francis. She is a Kho Kho school coach.

The Malayalam film Kho-Kho’s story includes the formation of a team of Kho-Kho players. It happens in a school. It is a girls’ school.

The film Kho-Kho displays the journey of a woman. It also includes the struggles of Maria.  It is a worth watching film; the film Kho-Kho displays the spirit of a woman.

It is an exciting story. On IMDb, the Malayalam film Kho-Kho received 8.7 out of 10. The film Kho-Kho was written and directed by Rahul Riji Nair.

Rahul Riji Nair also did the screenplay and gave the story of the film Kho-Kho. First Print Studios produced the film Kho-Kho.

Sidhartha Pradeep gave the music in the film Kho-Kho. Tobin Thomas did the cinematography, and the film Kho-Kho was edited by Christy Sebastian.

The film Kho-Kho was made under First Print Studios. Capital Studioz distributed the film Kho-Kho.

There are a total of 12 songs in the film Kho-Kho. The album was composed by Sidhartha Pradeep. It was released on 24th March 2021.

The album was recorded in 2019-20. It is available in Malayalam and English language. It was made under the label 123 Musix.

Let’s see the cast of the film Kho-Kho.

Kho-Kho Cast:

We have mentioned the cast of a newly-released Malayalam film Kho-Kho below.

  1. Rajisha Vijayan as Maria Francis
  2. Mamitha Baiju as Anju
  3. Renjit Shekar Nair as Peon Shiva
  4. Venkitesh VP as Ben
  5. Vettukili Prakash as Francis
  6. Rahul Riji Nair as Vinod
  7. Arjun Ranjan
  8. Sreejith Babu
  9. Jeo Baby
  10. Geethi Sangeetha

Jeo Baby and Geethi Sangeetha appeared in a cameo appearances. Rajisha Vijayan played the lead role in the film Kho-Kho.

Let’s discuss the release date of the film Kho-Kho.

Kho-Kho Release Date:

The Malayalam film Kho-Kho was recently released on 14th April 2021. The length of the film Kho-Kho is 119 minutes.

The film Kho-Kho was released in the Malayalam language, and there is no news or update about the dub release of the film Kho-Kho.

If we get any updates about it, we will add them here. The film Kho-Kho was withdrawn from the theatres because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s watch the trailer of the film Kho-Kho.

Kho-Kho Trailer:

We have mentioned the trailer of the film Kho-Kho below. It premiered on 2nd April 2021. Let’s watch it.

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