Kim Jong-un reappeared in public and announced that North Korea will increase “deterrence

Kim Jong Un (KCNA via REUTERS)
Kim Jong Un (KCNA via REUTERS)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un organized a military meeting to discuss new policies to strengthen the country's nuclear capabilities., the state agency reported Sunday KCNA.

"New policies were presented at the meeting to further increase the country's nuclear deterrence and put the strategic armed forces on a high alert operation," KCNA reported.

The North Korean leader spoke during the Fourth Expanded Meeting of the Seventh Military Commission of the Korean Workers' Party (WPK).

Discussions also focused on "Put the strategic armed forces in a high alert operation" in line with the "construction and development of the country's armed forces." Measures were also agreed "to decisively increase the ability to strike with artillery fire" of the North Korean Army, adds the information, which also shows that the meeting agreed on non-detailed promotions at the military headquarters.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (KCNA via REUTERS)
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (KCNA via REUTERS)

The meeting is believed to have occurred in recent days, although the date of its holding was not confirmed. So, it would be Kim's first public appearance in almost three weeks, according to the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

Rumors of Kim's health emerged in April after she was absent from a Mid-month celebration of her grandfather's birthday, only to appear weeks later at the opening of a fertilizer factory.


This meeting was held in the midst of a new stagnation in contacts between Washington and Pyongyang to achieve denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Add to that that on Friday, The Washington Post confirmed that The administration of United States President Donald Trump had discussed holding the United States' first nuclear test since 1992 as a possible warning to Russia and China.

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Kim Jon-un reappeared at a military meeting of the Workers Party (REUTERS)
Kim Jon-un reappeared at a military meeting of the Workers Party (REUTERS)

Daryl Kimball, executive director of the United States-based Arms Control Association, told the newspaper that Such a decision would likely "disrupt" negotiations with Kim, "that he may no longer feel compelled to honor his moratorium on nuclear testing."

At the end of 2019, Kim announced that he would unveil soon "A new strategic weapon" and that his country would continue with the development of nuclear weapons, after the deadline imposed by Pyongyang for the United States to relax sanctions on the hermetic communist country in exchange for progress in the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

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After Kim Jong-un's reappearance, mystery about North Korea's "new strategic weapon" grows

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