Kim Kardashian recovers some of the money lost from the robbery in Paris


The star of the reality show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"In addition to being a businesswoman, Internet personality and influencer, Kim Kardashian managed to recover a large amount of her money after she suffered a robbery in 2016 during her brief stay in the Parisian capital.

This episode in her life has been one of the most traumatic that the queen of contouring has experienced, as she stated at the time that she seriously thought they would abuse her and even came to fear for her life, but even more than that, the knowing that her sisters would possibly find her lifeless.

It was four years ago in the Parisian capital where five people broke into the residence where he was Kim Kardashian and her sisters, however at the time these people entered the building there was only her because her sisters and the bodyguard who accompanied them on the trip were with her sisters at a party, it was the only security element that was in that moment with the heiresses.

From the moment he suffered the attack, he lasted a long time without being able to talk about the matter and even decided to withdraw from social networks for a while, it was approximately five months from what happened until he decided to speak about it on the Ellen DeGeneres program, Kim Kardashian He ended up showing the audience present his fragility, letting some tears roll from his face.

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The influencer and Internet personality decided to file a lawsuit against the security company that was in charge of his own security as well as that of his family, he lost around 10 million in jewelry, some pieces of gold, diamonds and an even 18 karat ring.

The media claim that there were 6 million that Kim Kardashian recovered after several years of negotiations, the dispute fortunately did not go to trial and they managed to resolve everything through a fair negotiation.

Kim Kardashian and her sisters were in the Parisian capital at that time, due to the fashion week in Paris, she decided to stay in the residence they had rented to spend those days while her sisters had fun at a party.

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While these five highly organized people completely shocked and scared Kim Kardashian away, three of them stayed to guard the front door while two others decided to gag and tie her up, with the aim of leaving her in the bathroom while they took the valuables in jewels, recently on the David Letterman program he said that he feared for his life.

It is said that it took two years to sue the company that offered the services to take care of his family and himself. Kim KardashianIn addition to having his lifelong bodyguard and other members of his personal security service fired, at least 17 people are said to be involved in the celebrity robbery and that they are indeed awaiting trial.

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The theft from the Kardashians was a worldwide event, even François Hollande the president at that time was personally interested in the matter, because thanks to the popularity of Kim Kardashian, he has the ability to cause more problems than many they believe, but at the same time to magnify anyone who deserves it for her, practically the image of the United States and representative of that country as far as fame is concerned.

A few days ago that internaen turned 40 years old and continues to look 20 years younger, she is quite a personality on the internet and will continue to do so for many more years like her sisters.

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