Kimberly Loaiza and company dress up as Los Locos Adams!


The new video that Kimberly Loaiza has released on her YouTube channel has impressed her fans because in the company of the former Jukilop team they decided to do an interesting photo session, but this was not just anyone, they decided to do it imitating the characters of the renowned film "Los Locos Adams".

In a few days we will be celebrating Halloween, a name that is more identified in Latin America although it is more well known as Halloween Around the world, it is usual for celebrities to share costumes of their favorite characters during these days, it is something really fun to be able to become in a single day a character on television, music and even cartoons.

In the photograph that he will surely share in a few days The Biggest Cuteness There is Juan de Dios Pantoja, the super Trout, Katia blogs and even the adorable Kima Sofía daughter of the youtubers, she was also disguised as one of the most important characters.

Before putting on makeup Kimberly Loaiza He shared how he prepared his skin for this type of photo shoot, because a lot of makeup is used in them, this with the aim of giving advice to his fans when putting on makeup as well and showing his own preparation process.

He titled the video as "Family Costume" because he considers his friends as his own family, it already has about half a million views and only a few hours ago he published it on his channel, same as it already has about 31 thousand comments.

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What a beautiful family I love you all, Juan and who else is the most beautiful, "they wrote in the comments.

The video lasts only 20 minutes and 30 seconds, although it was something quite short it was extremely entertaining, we were able to see part of the makeup and preparation process of Juan de Dios Pantoja's friends and Kimberly Loaiza.

However, the one who most surprised with her change was her beautiful daughter Kima, whom they disguised and characterized as the character of Merlina, throughout the video she caused a bit of grace because she was a bit serious, this happened because she did not know the people around her and the house they were in was also strange to her, so from the beginning until the end of the recording she was extremely serious, for that reason everyone claimed that "she had gotten into the role."

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Surely the photographs when they are published in a few days will be impressive, although they gave only a small preview of the result, this for their fans will be something extremely charming.

The Crazy Adams movie has become an icon in pop culture, although several movies, series and cartoons based on the characters have been released, there is one that is perhaps the most characteristic of all the versions or that is at least of the one that reminds me the most is the 1993 movie of the year released on November 19.

It is not the first time that celebrities dress up with the characters of this family, you will surely remember Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas who recently dressed up as the protagonists of the film.

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The main characters in the story are:

  • Homero
  • Morticia
  • Merlin
  • Pericles
  • Uncle Lucas
  • Long the butler
  • The grandmother
  • Uncle Thing

The popularity of Kimberly Loaiza has grown tremendously thanks to its videos and the content it shares on its social networks, recently launched in collaboration with the company SHEIN a new clothing line, which has around 100 garments in different styles from casual, sporty and elegant.

In this stage as a businesswoman as well as youtuber, singer and model, Kimberly Loaiza has become one of the biggest celebrities and biggest Influencers in all of Mexico.

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