Kimberly Loaiza and JD Pantoja celebrate their anniversary!

The marriage of Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja is celebrating his anniversary This January 13, their fans have been celebrating with them by congratulating them on social networks.

Celebrating eight years of being together as a couple, the Jukilop team has achieved what very few couples do: continue together despite the adversities that have been presented to them.

The wait to know how they are celebrating it is desperate because so far neither of the two celebrities has shared information about it, they will surely do so until late at night or perhaps very early tomorrow as they usually share news of this type of magnitude .

There are some theories about what they could be doing, there are those who affirm that at the moment the couple is getting married in the church, however these rumors could be discarded immediately because they themselves at their civil wedding mentioned that they wanted to get married for the church, however they would do it once the pandemic is a little more under control so they can celebrate with their family, friends and perhaps some of their fans.

Another possibility that exists is that Kimberly Loaiza is giving birth to her second child this same January 13, it would be something most romantic, despite the fact that it is said that the baby would be born in February there is a probability that both have handled other information for their fans and with this give them an even bigger surprise.

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In the event that the baby of the youtubers was born this day, it would be for many something most romantic, it should be remembered that Juan de Dios Pantoja He asked Kimberly Loaiza to be his girlfriend and later his wife precisely a January 13th, so it is certain that this day ends as one of the most surprising for the couple, everything could coincide with the pregnancy and its anniversary. Have you already thought about it?

At the moment they are only speculations not only from his followers but also from some media that are excited about the news that we are sure will be the most exciting.

Boyfriends / married, with daughter and one more on the way Congratulations 8 years full of love and happiness @Juandedios_P @KimberlyLoaiza_ "wrote @Jukilopsweetyss

The couple has gone through a pandemic with different nuances, despite the fact that during 2020 they were going through many negative things, they immediately turned it into positive things, as they always try to do, in addition to sharing great news and achievements both together. like the great team they are like individually especially Kim Loaiza.

Congratulations, my children, I love you too much, you deserve the best in the world. DESTINY FOREVER TOOK YOU TOGETHER ... That love is getting stronger ... The most wonderful story JUKILOP @kimberlyloaiza @Juandedios_P ... JPTLV .. Happy anniversary # 8. Let's go for more hearts, "wrote @FerkaPantoja.

Without a doubt, his admirers in this case Linduritas and Pantojitas are the most excited for their anniversary, as soon as they share some detail of their celebration, they will immediately make said publication trend as they have done on several occasions.

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In little more than four years, both have achieved what other people have not been able to in much longer, that is something to be admired of course that like any other celebrity Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja were made of several haters, the truth is that nothing stops them either together or working as a team, they are a great example to follow despite the problems they have had in the past.

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