Kimberly Loaiza and Lizbeth Rodríguez united for the same cause

Today youtubers Lizbeth Rodríguez and also La Lindura Mayor Kimberly Loaiza have joined due to the same cause that afflicts humanity once again.

It is due to the racism that has been experienced during these days because after the US citizen Gerorge Floyd was killed, everyone stood up against racism.

Both Kimberly and Lizbeth agreed by placing in their latest Instagram post a black image that was accompanied by the hashtag "#Blackouttuesday", which means that they are against racism.

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The only difference between both publications is that Loaiza placed a small detail on two interlocking hands of various colors, although the image that most of the celebrities are completely in black La Lindura gave her a little personal touch.

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It is even said that after eight years the network of Anonymous He returned to reveal government secrets.

All this because if they could not or did not want to judge the police officer that took the life of George who was also a person of color themselves would do justice and evidence all the abuse of the great elites.

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Although up to now it cannot be affirmed that Anonymous has indeed returned, since they supposedly created an account Twitter something that is out of the ordinary for them as stated by several youtubers.

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It should be remembered that the interpreter of "Do not be jealous" and the former host of exposing infidels at the time had problems after Rodríguez unleashed a great controversy that although it did not go directly with Kimberly ended up being affected Similarly.

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There is no doubt that although two people have strong personal conflicts they may end up coinciding with an even bigger problem, as in this case, that like them two, many other celebrities have joined the cause against racism.

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