Kimberly Loaiza gives groceries to 200 families


Youtuber and singer Kimberly Loaiza expressed solidarity with Mexican families and gave away 200 pens, in order to make the quarantine a little more pleasant.

This is the second time that The Greater Cuteness He shares a video of this type, previously he dedicated himself to giving away a hundred thousand pesos on the street.

The modality of his past event consisted in putting bills of $ 500 in envelopes, in some he put a thousand pesos and in others only $ 500, in support of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19.

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For this new video, in addition to providing a small pantry for 200 families, he also added $ 200 pesos, Loaiza mentioned that in the last video many told him it was wrong for giving money, because many people could have misused it.

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However for the interpreter of "Do not be jealous" that's already a matter for each person, and just as there were those who invested that money badly there were also people who needed it, not precisely to buy pantry but also to pay for other services.

"There are thousands of needs and the money is taken care of, so I will put a $ 200 bill in these boxes, I hope it will be a blessing for all those who receive a box," said Kimberly.


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Although with the past Friday where she gave money many Internet users began to criticize her for having monetized the video, Kimberly he saw it from another perspective Well, she did it with the aim of getting something out of what she gave away so that she could continue doing it.

Inclusive in the last video and this invited other youtubers to join the challenge, which he did again in this but he did it in a general way.

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Although for many deliver a box with little or a lot of pantry it's not much" the people who received it for sure thanked them with all their hearts, since the pandemic has already spread so much that it is very difficult to have a inflow of money constant thing that worries Kimberly Loaiza and so she decided to share a little of what she has, hopefully more people will join this cause.

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