Kimberly Loaiza: I am also a p3rr @ and I bite

Despite the fact that Kimberly Loaiza is a fairly calm woman, it is possible that sometimes some people fill her patience, perhaps this was what happened when she affirmed "I am also p3rr @ and I bite".

Normally the Greater Cuteness tries to stay away from all conflicts, like what happened almost a month ago with her partner Juan de Dios Pantoja and Lizbeh Rodríguez.

As you currently know Juan and Kimberly They are separated because she asked for it, she needed time and to digest what happened.

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A little while ago, Kimberly rarely shared a video where she spoke about what happened but now from her point of view, making clear several things that many followers and other youtubers claimed and they were not true.

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Obviously Loaiza could not keep silent and spoke about all the controversy that has surrounded her, her partner and her own photographer.

Today your adorable little daughter Kima Sofia She turned 10 months old, normally this day they shared tender photographs of Kima next to a cake and some short videos boasting her, however since her parents are separated, this may not happen today.

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This day they simply limited themselves to sharing through their accounts Twitter A congratulation to his daughter, Juan's, was a little more emotional.

In the video that he shared in his Tik tok Kimberly appears next to her sister interpreting a scene from a well-known soap opera where there are blows and slaps, it is there that the intrigue and the iconic phrase of the note begins.

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So far it is not known if the couple will be together again, that is what Kimberly has mentioned, but for the moment she continues to make content for their social networks and what can be seen is that she is very happy and above all calm.

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