Kimberly Loaiza Responds 10 Extreme Questions From Her Fans!


The new video that he recently shared on his official YouTube channel Kimberly Loaiza decided to answer questions using only two options, we present 10 of them that you will surely be amazed.

Kimberly Loaiza has constantly made video of some extreme challenges, or answering questions, however on few occasions we have seen doing this dynamic the title of her video was "WHAT DO YOU PREFER? EXTREME (Very difficult decisions) Kimberly Loaiza".

Although there were several questions that were asked, we will present to you what we consider were the ones that had the most impact, the video was shared last Friday, November 20, a day after its launch, it already has more than three and a half million views.

There were some questions that to Kimberly Loaiza It was easy to answer, he did it immediately, however in others he did not find why to choose, it was really very difficult for him to decide on one and when he did he gave the reason why he had done it.

Throughout the video we will find the interpreter of "You lost me" a little indecisive in terms of her answers and even uncomfortable her phrase "There is no" apparently became quite popular throughout the almost 20 minutes that her video lasts.

His followers immediately began to write in the comment box other challenges that they would like him to do, in addition to sending many blessings and love to both Kimberly Loaiza and her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja who played an important role in this video, as it was who was accompanying her and also one of her best friends, the Super Trout.

It's me or Kim in this video was cruel to Juan hahahaha, a minute of silence for Juan, "wrote an internatua.


Here we show you the questions that we consider most important and impressive, although if you wish you can also watch the video, we will leave it to you right away:

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J Balvin o Daddy Yankee

For Kimberly it was a difficult decision because they are both great personalities but in the end she decided on Daddy Yankee because she "knew" him for a long time, because he is a legend.


Sing or Record

This difficult decision hesitated a few seconds to respond as you will remember. She began her career recording, despite this she preferred singing, this because she said she liked it a lot.


Kima or Juan de Dios Pantoja

Kimberly Loaiza She had to choose between being with Juan de Dios Pantoja but not with Kima, or being with her and not with her husband, although for many the answer is evident. Kim Loaiza with all the pain in her heart affirmed that it would be her daughter who she was with.


Mom or dad

Another of the most difficult questions for La Lindura Mayor was choosing between her parents, although she admitted that she loves them both, she would have to decide for her mother because she lives a little more with her.


Leave Tik tok or Instagram

Although Kimberly Loaiza has managed to become the world's top 16 influencer with the most followers on Tik tok, she would rather stick with Instagram because she has more interaction with her cuties.


Katia Vlogs or Ely Blancarte

This was another of the most difficult questions to answer, as you know Katia Vlogs has been accompanying them since they started their careers on YouTube, however lately she stopped living a little with her and Ely Blancarte lives with Kim and Juanito.

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Despite this, Kimberly Loaiza would rather stay with Katia because she has more time to know her.


Jukito o Blacky

They are the pets of Kim Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja, as you know Blacky lost his life a few months ago, despite this Kimberly decided for him because he was more noble and affectionate.


Team Fénix o team Jukilop

All the people who have collaborated with Kimberly Loaiza have become her great friends, however although this decision was a bit difficult for her, she opted for the oldest friends, Team Jukilop.


Close Instagram or Youtube

Although Kimberly Loaiza is extremely popular on both sites, she definitely chose to eliminate Instagram, this because she has a very special affection for YouTube, it would be difficult for her to close her channel.


Juan or his mom

Definitely, although Juan de Dios Pantoja is the love of her life, Kimberly Loaiza could not put aside the great love she feels for her mother, so she decided to answer that she would choose her mother over her husband.

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