Kimberly Loaiza shows off her charms while in the pool


The youtuber, businesswoman, model and internet figure Kimberly Loaiza He uploaded his stories on Instagram a video where he was in the pool, in it you can see that he is showing off his charms.

Nowadays, any publication or news that La Lindura Mayor shares with her followers, new projects, photographs or videos become popular and the interpreter of "Me perdiste" has managed to win the hearts of her fans in a very short time.

Juan de Dios Pantoja's couple has become a celebrity thanks to their popularity on social networks, YouTube and Tik tok, today they are one of the personalities with the largest number of followers in each of their digital accounts.

Kimberly Loaiza He has achieved what very few, and has even far surpassed his partner and father of his daughter Kima Sofía.

For Internet users, knowing her or knowing some news about her is quite exciting, for the simple fact of feeling connected, this thanks to her daily publications on her Instagram stories or Tik tok videos.

As a curious fact, did you know that Kimberly Loaiza is among the tiktokers with the largest number of followers on his account, this list is the world's top and recently this list was updated according to the data presented, the interpreter of "Don't be jealous" is in the 17th place world level.

He currently has 29.4 million followers on Tik tok, Kimberly Loaiza has surpassed great personalities such as Dwayne Jhonson and Selena Gomez, another interesting fact is that in the world top 50 there are only two Mexicans on this list, Kimberly Loaiza and Rodrigo Contreras in the 50th place with 20.3 million followers.

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She constantly publishes videos that are mostly being alone, followed by collaborations with her friends, the videos with Juan de Dios Pantoja are a little more scarce and she has also shared some with Kima that are in fact much fewer but the ones that most attract the attention of their fans.

In the recent video that she shared, she appears in the pool, she is wearing a black swimsuit with pleated details, she is also accompanied by a tiny pearl necklace, although the video lasts for a few seconds, she looks really beautiful despite not wear makeup.

Sure that Kimberly Loaiza Soon she will become a businesswoman, we are sure of it because in a talk with the American youtuber James Charles revealed that he was working with a cosmetics brand and although he did not provide more information, it is believed that he will launch a palette of shadows and It will be an exclusive design and above all very chic like her.

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For a few weeks both Kimberly Loaiza like Juan de Dios Pantoja they shared a video where they talked about very good news, which apparently they could not give much information about, a few days later the youtuber released her song "Do it", however it is believed that this was not the only one surprise he has prepared for his fans.

Surely with this exponential growth that the young woman has had since she entered the Internet world and shared her first video on YouTube singer The 22-year-old has not only grown as a personality in digital media but also as a professional woman and woman.

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This is perhaps the reason why her fans remain faithful to her, because despite the fact that she has managed to have great wealth and opportunities to excel, travel, and do all kinds of projects, she never leaves aside those who helped her give everything and each one of those steps, his admirers.

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