Kimberly Loaiza shows off Kima on her beach vacation


Kimberly Loaiza he showed off his beautiful daughter Kima While he was on the beach, they were enjoying the sand in Veracruz, the videos have become quite popular although he released them on his Instagram account through his stories.

Kima Sofía Pantoja Loaiza is the first daughter of youtubers and singers, as well as Internet personalities Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza, she is currently one year old and they are quite a celebrity in social networks thanks to the popularity of their parents.

From the moment her pregnancy was announced, the little girl became famous, surely you know that both Kimberly and Juan de Dios interpreters of "Bye bye" have millions of followers, who are constantly excited by the news that celebrities share with them juveniles.

Kimberly Loaiza is 22 years old and Juan de Dios Pantoja 24 respectively, they became very young parents yet both have been extremely responsible and excellent at educating their little girl even though she is only one year old.

Throughout their videos, stories and photographs we have seen how they go out of their way for their little girl in addition to feeding them properly, having games that develop their intellect and most importantly of all the love and attention that a father should always have with his children, This is something that characterizes both of them quite a bit, because even though they have people who help take care of their daughter, they never neglect her.

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On constant occasions we have seen that the little Kima She always accompanies her parents, whether for business trips and even more so for pleasure trips or vacations, when she was only four months old she traveled to Paris with her parents and part of her family, this trip was due to the fact that Kimberly Loaiza had been invited to a SHEIN brand fashion show.

Throughout their short year and the 9 months of their pregnancy, the singers have released videos dedicated to their daughter, as well as songs that have resulted in the great love that Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza have for their beloved daughter. , who every day becomes more beautiful, something that we can appreciate in the constant appearances next to Kim and Juan.

The videos I have shared Kimberly Loaiza In her stories, Kima appears sitting on the sand playing with a bucket and a shovel, she seems to be wet because her hair is wet, she is wearing a very beautiful turquoise blue one-piece swimsuit with ruffles on the sides.

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In the second video you can no longer see his face, however a part of his little foot can be seen while he is playing with a stick in the sand, part of the beautiful sunset is also shown in the playa the warm tones show a romantic and pleasant setting.

There are several accounts on Instagram dedicated to little Kima as well as her parents, these accounts are made by her fans, which are millions, people, although most of them are teenagers, are the ones who adore the couple who are also known as the team Jukilop.

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In approximately five days he will launch a new line in the SHEIN brand in which he will collaborate Kimberly LoaizaOn October 26, this clothing line will be available that will surely drive millions of fans of La Lindura Mayor crazy, this news was shared by SHEIN's own brand on its social media accounts.

I feel so happy and proud of Kim for all that she is achieving, she will go further and further. I am sure this new project will be a success, God is with you Kimberly Loaiza we love you and we will always support you in everything, wrote @ ashleyrenteria on Twitter.

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