Kimberly Loaiza surpasses Yuya on YouTube, on Tik tok it reaches 26M


The name of Kimberly Loaiza has become a trend not only because of her fame and the controversies in which she has been involved, especially with Lizbeth Rodríguez, but because thanks to her hard work she has achieved impressive results, she has become the woman with the most followers in Tik tok and Youtube of the country and part of the whole world.

Recently Juan de Dios Pantoja proudly shared that La Lindura Mayor was in the top fifty in the world, one of the people with the largest number of followers in Tik tok, at that moment Kimberly loaiza it had the 25th place.

The andoutuber 22 years old and mother of Kima quickly became a trend on Twitter, his proud followers boast of his achievements, although he has not made any publication related to his social networks with the result of his millions of fans, it is expected that he will soon do so as on every occasion in which he surpassed she herself.

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In his most recent videos of Tik tok He uploaded some clips where he appears with a red lipstick that at the same time went viral because he is rarely seen using this color on his lips, his admirers say that he looks beautiful.

Kim climbs to the 21st most followed person on Tik tok with 26M, beating Awezdarbar and tying Stokes Twins. Let's go for the top 20! Congratulations! "," Always succeed to wake up many envious for Kim are stones in the way that his destiny will never change ", some comments he received on Twitter.

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He #KimLoaizaQueen It has become popular among Internet users with around 24 thousand tweets, which little by little continue to increase, congratulations on Loaiza's achievements cannot be hidden from her followers who have been with her since the beginning of her career to support her.

With 26 million followers on Tik tok, 25 million on YouTube, 22.1 million on Instagram and 4.9 on Twitter Kimberly loaiza He is one of the personalities with the largest number of followers on social networks than any other celebrity, at least in Mexico.

A few months ago, just before it reached 24 million on YouTube, comparisons began to be made with Mariand Castrejón, better known as Yuya, because until recently she was the one who had the title with the highest number of followers on YouTube, the company dedicated to playing videos.

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Although the content that the two share is totally different, comparisons are always made between the two, although neither of them made any statements regarding the "conflict" in which they were involved thanks to their respective followers, everything seems that between them there is no no resentment, because surely on more than one occasion one must have heard from the other.

Although Kimberly and Juan de Dios Pantoja They have official accounts, there are hundreds of accounts dedicated to them made by their fans who love to be aware of any publication or video they launch on their social networks, especially when they include Kima, his beautiful one year old daughter.

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It is believed that if at some point they decided to launch a social network that they themselves managed for their daughter, it would almost certainly be that Kima would have the same followers as her parents and even more, this because her parents' fans adore her, who He meets her and falls in love with her immediately, she is such a charismatic and above all cute girl that anyone with her thanks softens hearts.

Probably Kimberly is preparing a special surprise for her followers that is why she has not published any.

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