Kimberly Loaiza teaches Kima new grace, looking very cute


Known for her matchless beauty Kima Sofía Pantoja Loaiza learns new thanks that his mother Kimberly Loaiza teaches him.

Through their stories on Instagram in which we can appreciate the growth and more and more the beauty of which the beautiful 10 month baby is a possessor.

Perhaps for Loaiza this confinement it did him good, because now you have much more time to live with your little one and dedicate more space to her.

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Although it is well known in most of his trips Kima She was always in the company of the couple, not all the time they could carry her or be together with her.

The interpreter of "Do not be jealous" she does not constantly share images or videos of Kima, so do not be exposing her so much although it is inevitable being a celebr ity.


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In the videos they are lying in a hammock, and Kimberly is teaching her to thunder her mouth to make noises, although Kima does not manage to do it correctly, just seeing her try is the most tender thing you can see.

In the third video Kima wants to see the puppy they have as a pet because it seems that he is looking for him and his mother tells him where he is and tells him to speak to him, "talk to gua gua" he says in a tender tone.

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There is no doubt that the beauty of Kima He inherited it from his mother because he looks like a doll, whenever he appears in his videos, although sometimes he has been in a bad mood or crying, which is rare for her.

It always looks flawless even so her curly hair stop her and it is not perfect Kima although she is still a baby she has style to wear that hair arranged or not.

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Kimberly proud to be a mom and about having a beautiful daughter that inadvertently on some occasions has overshadowed her, she shows that nobody can cope with her and that thanks to her daughter she continues.

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