Kimberly Loaiza's reaction to seeing JD Pantoja hurt

The Biggest Cuteness Kimberly Loaiza surely she was extremely worried about her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja who recently had a confrontation with a stalker of Tiktok, through a video that he shared, the reaction he had had for what happened was shown.

For some years now, the couple formed by Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja it is constantly becoming a trend in social networks, nowadays they have even become national news due to some situations they have experienced, the most talked about was the one at the beginning of the year 2020 that everyone found out about.

Undoubtedly, the name of both, both together and separately, is synonymous with trend and success, however the one who takes the lead (so to speak) in terms of recognition, success and popularity is Kimberly Loaiza, who despite the fact that individually she is much more famous than her husband, he does not hesitate at any time to support her and feel proud of the achievements she has had.

Despite the fact that in her videos Kimberly Loaiza is usually a fairly active, cheerful young woman with too much energy off-camera, there are those who claim that she is much calmer, however, not for this reason when one of her fans finds her in In the public she greets them and lives a little with them, this is one of the many reasons why her fans love her so much, affection that of course is reciprocal on her part.

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The video we mentioned in the beginning Kimberly Loaiza He shared it on his Tiktok account, where he is also a celebrity, as you well know Juan de Dios Pantoja had to undergo surgery on his wrist because he had a strong confrontation with a stalker who had been talking too much, not only from his wife but also from other personalities in the environment and even from his daughter Kima.

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Although the youtuber admitted that what he did was not right and that no one should take him as an example to follow, because he was aware that "justice by his own hand" should not be applied, his justification was his family and other women influencers and that In addition, no authority had done about it, a video was also published showing the process of what happened where in the end he had to go to the hospital where they revealed the news that they had to embed some nails.

I'm nervous but I know everything will be fine, I love you my love, thank you for being there for us and always defending us ", description of Kim's video.

In the Tiktok video appears Kimberly Loaiza next to another video of Juan de Dios where he gets up from bed and begins to dance a little, maintaining that smoke that has always characterized him, for his part Kim Loaiza is wearing quite large dark glasses, she looks worried Because of her husband's situation, which fortunately has already happened but at the time it was surely quite stressful.

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The video of Juan de Dios Pantoja went viral immediately, especially on Twitter, where many of the Internet users applauded his actions and others simply did not agree in his methods but agreed that the harasser should receive what he deserved as he should.

It will be six weeks that you will have to have the nails in your wrist, but not everything will end there because you will have to do therapy for three to six months to regain the correct mobility of your hand, fortunately it did not happen to adults, in terms of the person who harassed influencers with his Tiktok, we hope he does not repeat his mistakes.

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