Kimberly shows off Kima in cute video

Singer, model and youtuber Kimberly Loaiza also known as The Greater Cuteness He shared one of the most tender videos where his daughter Kima appears.

Even though you have just 10 months old Just turned Kima has already become quite a celebrity largely because her parents are two well-known and loved youtuber.

Despite the fact that at the moment they are going through some extremely difficult times both Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza they know they will not leave Kima helpless.

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From the moment the couple gave the news of their pregnancy, it went viral immediately, it is not new that when Loaiza was harshly criticized on some occasions some internet users They have also criticized their baby more for being the daughter of who she is.

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However surely who gets to know Kima Sofia Pantoja Loaiza Although she has not yet spoken, she captivates those who look at her because, in addition to being a true beauty, she has an unparalleled charisma and sympathy.

Loved by her parents and their family, little Kimita is also adored by her parents' followers, there are those who have made profiles, youtube channels and other social media accounts sharing any news that her parents share about her.

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In the video shared by the interpreter of "Jealous" Kima already appears with her hair even longer, it is also partly because of the hairstyle her mother made her, she took two small brooches and put them on her hair and left it loose, we usually see her with two tails but this variation suits her very well .

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Kima is on a trampoline that we have seen in the recent stories of Loaiza, she is in the new house in Mexico where they are staying, Kima crawls forward and Kimberly is excited by how beautiful she looks.

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