Kylie Jenner and her first photo shoot of this style were seen too much

The younger sister of Kardashian - Jenner, one of the most famous and internationally recognized families today is a total icon of beauty and popularity, being herself, Kylie Jenner, the one with the most followers on social networks.

While we know that she has posed countless times scantily clad or totally stripped of her garments, clearly there was a first time, and this time we will address precisely the interview where he revealed everything.

How you felt at the time, how you felt even at the end of it, and what did you think when you saw the result of the amazing pictures, all this and more you will find below.

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We need to go back to the year 2017, in the middle of August, when one of the most popular celebrity and show magazines recruited the model to create a spectacular photoshoot.

"V Magazine" offered Kylie Jenner a surprising photo shoot, in collaboration with great designers, photographers, and all the production behind a work of this nature, although, with a peculiar detail: she had to pose without wearing a garment , something that for the model was a bit difficult to decide, because this would be her first time doing something of that style.


Although the poses of the entertainment images are nothing out of the ordinary, what did cause great astonishment was the way they dressed and made up the youngest of the Jenners, because although we mentioned that she did not wear clothes as such, the truth is that the socialite, who at that time was still 20 years old, was only dressed in a robe and a mesh fabric dress, revealing all her charms.

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And, the mogul in the makeup industry when speaking publicly about this session, acknowledged that she really felt very nervous, but as production progressed, she felt more and more comfortable, something that we could notice, when the images were published.

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Under the argument: "This was my first super naked photo shoot, I always post s3xys photos, but I had never really undressed", Kylie expressed herself at the fact of having posed in this way.


In the sensual and controversial images, we can see Kylie with a peculiar winter-style makeup, with blue glitter on one side of her eyes, coupled with the detail that her skin looks blue, as if it were very cold, managing to look pale, in addition she opted to wear an abundant blonde wig, making her outfit resemble for many people "Elsa" from the Disney movie "Frozen".

Although, the much-mentioned photographic session, included various outfits, each and every one of them had the same style: transparency, everything, so that, under the light of the set's reflectors, the impressive and beautiful silhouette of Kylie, to the delight of viewers who would later see the published snapshots.

It is worth mentioning that, in the interview with the fashion magazine, the successful businesswoman assumed her habit of being under the gaze of society, although, not with that security that characterizes her today: "I don't know what it's like not to be in the public eye, that's normal for me.

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There is nothing you can do about it. There are so many great things about life, I just try to focus on that. "

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