Kylie Jenner turns on the networks, tremendous video wears black swimsuit

The millionaire businesswoman and socialite Kylie Jenner, has already built an empire when it comes to makeup and skin care products, and together with her sisters they have flooded the market with hundreds of products, ranging from lipstick to the best girdles made with the highest technology.

And, proving that she uses their products herself, she shared a mesmerizing video placing her tanning oil in the most prov * cative way in all areas of her curvy figure, and unleashed the high temperatures in her favorite social network.

This is how the star of “Keeping Up whit the Kardashians”, shared almost a year ago, the s * x and audiovisual content, applying the tanning oil under the signature of his own brand of skin care "Kylie Skin".

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The businesswoman took advantage of her prominent physical attributes to promote one of her new products, at that time, in addition, we know perfectly well that, for this, she does not need to hire any model to help her sell her own creations, because on more than one occasion She has shown that there is no one better than her to bring her inventions to any part of the world.

The celebrity She appeared reclining on an elegant lounge chair from the comfort of her luxurious garden, next to the pool wearing a tiny black two-piece swimsuit, with a basic cut, highlighting her curvy silhouette wholesale and turning up the temperature of the net.

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Looking at the camera with her hypnotic and fierce eyes, she sprayed the spray over the area of ​​her chest, very flirtatious, later, the fabulous body of the youngest of the Kardashian Jenner clan, gradually detaches itself from the furniture when the drops of the oil, while in the background sounds "Be Without You" by Mary J. Blige.


"It's very hot in here @kylieskin", wrote Jenner in the description of the vaporous clip, clearly his most loyal fans were dedicated to watching the video over and over again, managed to collect more than 50 million views and an innumerable amount of comments, which They flatter the beauty of the model and ask for more content of this type.

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It is also well known that, for the dates of the aforementioned clip, social isolation was just beginning, to avoid contagion due to the health contingency that still affects the population of the entire world, which is why Jenner had followed the rules and took his respective social distancing to spend time at home with his daughter, Stormi Webster, and her ex-partner Travis Scott.

He also took the opportunity to show off his natural face, take care of his beautiful hair, and free it from extensions, and he dedicated himself to creating new business projects, to add zeroes to his already enormous fortune.

It is worth mentioning that, this mansion where we can see it from the beginning of the isolation, was acquired by the businesswoman around the month of August of the year 2019, and it was practically until the moment of isolating herself that she decided to move into it, for which, we can mention who opened his luxurious and expensive mansion.

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So, from her particular confinement, the businesswoman, until now, has been very active on social networks, sharing some of the moments she spends within her personal resort, such as sunbathing on one of the terraces that they overlook the pool, just like this fiery post.



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