"La Gringuita", the unknown girlfriend of Chapo Guzmán with whom he would have cheated Emma Coronel

Valería Rubí and El Chapo (Photo art: Steve Allen)
Valería Rubí and El Chapo (Photo art: Steve Allen)

An alleged girlfriend of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera came to light in 2017 through photographs showing the alleged secret relationship he had with the drug trafficker for two years, while he was one of the world's most wanted criminals and was already married to his current wife, Emma Coronel.

The young woman, by name Valeria Rubí Quiroz, who currently lives in the United States, initially, assured that she did not know that her boyfriend was the founder of the Sinaloa Cartel and a fugitive from justice, things that she found out time after.

Valeria allegedly started dating El Chapo when she was still a minor, but other versions indicate that she was 24 years old. They met in 2009 and he was very fond of her, he referred to the woman as "La Gringuita", as the young woman told the chain Univision.

In 2011, Guzmán Loera handed Valeria over to her parents and asked them not to return to Culiacán because she was going to "steal it again." Now She lives in California, is married, has three children and dyed her dark hair, according to new photos. of the young woman released during the trial of Guzmán Loera in New York in 2019, but which were later deleted from Instagram.

The couple met at a party (Photo: El gordo y la flaca / Univision)
The couple met at a party (Photo: El gordo y la flaca / Univision)

A supposed cousin of Valeria Rubí revealed to the journalist Nelssie Carrillo details of the relationship and also She asked that she stop being related to the drug trafficker because now she has a very different life. During the time they were together, he lived in the mountains where El Chapo was hiding from the authorities.

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Both of them they would have met at a party, as revealed by the program Univision "El Gordo y la Flaca ”, the same one that released photographs of the couple.

She revealed her adventure with "El Chapo" after he was extradited to New York

to face criminal charges for drug trafficking, money laundering and illegal possession of weapons.

El Chapo Guzmán married Emma Coronel in 2007, when she was 18 years old and he was 50 years old, so during the time he went out with Valeria he was twice his age and he was already married.

Valeria Quiroz lives with her current husband in California and says she no longer wants to talk about the Sinaloa Cartel boss
Valeria Quiroz lives with her current husband in California and says she no longer wants to talk about the Sinaloa Cartel boss

The young woman He refused to give an interview to the network to give details of the romance, only assured that it was part of the past.

Valeria told the TV network that since the relationship ended, no longer had contact with the drug trafficker.

If there was a weakness that you always had Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, leader of the Sinaloa cartel, it was women.

For them he was captured twice. Even the special bodies of the Mexican Navy Secretariat and Federal Police that re-apprehended it in 2016 had as a routine monitor the movements of your newest partner.

Mónica Ramírez, a criminologist who had the opportunity to interview him on different occasions, described him as a man "addicted to women". Before her, the drug trafficker admitted having married three times and had ten children.

The relationship lasted two years (Photo: screenshot / Univision)
The relationship lasted two years (Photo: screenshot / Univision)

The first in 1997, with Alejandrina María Salazar Hernández, mother of César, Iván Archivaldo, Alejandrina Giselle and Jesús Alfredo. The second, with Griselda López PérezWith her, he also had four children: Joaquín, who is known to have studied business administration; Édgar, executed in 2008 in Culiacán; Ovidio and Karla Pérez Rojo. And the third, with Emma Colonel, whom he married in 2013, when she was 18 and he was 49; She is the mother of two 7-year-old girls.

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Another link that caused much controversy was with Kate del Castillo, a Mexican actress in Hollywood, who occupied an important place in the life of Guzmán Loera after having a meeting in 2015, which also included the actor and director Sean Penn, with whom he intended to carry out a film project about his life.

Both maintained contact through the text messages, which became known and in Castillo said: "It moves me too much that you tell me to take care of me, nobody has ever taken care of me. ”

Despite this, Kate del Castillo assured that there was never any relationship.

Thanks to the communication he had with the actress, the drug trafficker could be traced by the Mexican and American authorities.


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